10 Korean Actors With The Best Smiles In The Industry

You must have heard of ‘Love at first sight’ but have you ever heard of ‘Love at first SMILE’? Now I am a seasoned ‘crusher’. I have been crushing on celebrities for years and have multiple crushes at the same time. There is always something unique and interesting about someone to like. Of several qualities K-Drama actors boast of, a smile is that one attribute which never fails in melting a girl’s heart. Let us have a look at some of the most swoon-worthy smiles in our K-Drama world.  

10. Yoo Ah In

For me, the most attractive thing about Yoo Ah In’s face is his thick lips and cleft chin. His face becomes even more appealing when his lips break into a smile. As his smile widens the dimple on his left cheek makes it almost impossible to look at him without getting weak in the knees.

9. Song Joong Ki

Joong Ki’s smile should be banned because it can cause casualties. This puppy-faced actor’s charm increases a manifold each time he decides to flash his innocent smile.

8. Yo Seung Ho

This chocolate boy’s sugary sweet smile, when taken in regular doses, can make you a happy person. Yo Seung Ho’s smile can never fail to make my heart stop beating. 

7. Park Bo Gum

With a commercial face as his, what can his smile not sell? Park Bo Gum’s smile is the perfect bait to attract customers. No wonder he is the face of several popular brands.

6. Park Bo Young

This little woman is a powerhouse of talent and the holder of a dazzling smile. Bo Young can kill with just her lovely smile.

5. Kim Young Kwang

This guy has it all. The height, the looks and the smile. Young Kwang’s smile is cute and sexy at the same time.  

4. Nam Ji Hyun

For the longest time, I thought Park Bo Gum is related to Nam Ji Hyun because their smiles are very alike. Nam Ji Hyun has the perfect set of sparkly white teeth and her full smile can light up any room.  

10 Korean Actors With The Best Smiles In The Industry

10 Korean Actors With The Best Smiles In The Industry

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3. Kim Bum

The personification of cute, Kim Bum is almost every girls’ first encounter with ‘third-lead syndrome’. Every Boys Before Flowers fan knows what it means to have your heart flutter at the mere sight of a man’s dimples.  

2. Shin Min Ah

This pretty lass makes me wonder if this is what adorable truly means. How can anybody have such an infectious smile? Min Ah is beyond cuteness.

10 Korean Actors With The Best Smiles In The Industry

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10 Korean Actors With The Best Smiles In The Industry

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1. Ji Chang Wook

And finally the king of smiles. If you have read my review of Healer, you might think I wrote this post just to highlight my Oppa’s best quality. If you really feel that way then I will not correct you because you are not wrong. 😉 Chang Wook is indeed my inspiration behind this post. I think his childlike chuckle is the most endearing thing about him. How can anybody not fall in love with this cute little angelic creature?

These were my top ten favourite smiles. Whose smile do you like the most? Do share your list with me.

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