5 Etiquettes Every Girl Wants To Tell Her Boyfriend To Follow

Men can be really annoying when it comes to certain things you want them to do but they consider it unimportant. It may be minor for them but for us these things are signs of bigger troubles. I am not saying that women constantly test men but yes women do observe minute things and take them as an indication of what is in store for them.

Have a look at these 5 etiquettes every girl wants to tell her boyfriend to follow.


1. Mind Your Eyes

5 Etiquettes Every Girl Wants Her Boyfriend To Follow
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It feels really nice to see couples madly in love. But that same ‘nice’ feeling turns to disgust when one-half of the couple (by which I mean the man) is busy eyeing other women despite having one right next to him. I understand beauty is a thing to be appreciated and beautiful women do catch everyone’s attention but why stare? I am not asking you to wear horse blinders. You can ‘look’ momentarily and then look away. You don’t have to glue your eyes to the other girl. It is insulting for any girl to catch her man checking out other women in her presence.

Message: Please keep your eyes in check whenever your girlfriend is around (Actually control your senses even when she isn’t around)


2. Don’t Be Creepy 

5 Etiquettes Every Girl Wants Her Boyfriend To Follow
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There are plenty of beautiful women in the world and some of them are your friends and some of those are photogenic. There is nothing wrong with commenting on a girl’s picture but commenting on EVERY picture is creepy. No! It is actually the definition of creepy! Guys must understand that girls gloat over such kind of attention and pity the creep’s girlfriend. What’s worse is these girls publicize such things stating that ‘so and so’s boyfriend has been stalking me’. That’s one of the worst things to happen to a girl.

Message: Please stop acting like a desperate creep and show some pride. Keep your comments exclusive and not for sale.


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3. Dress Decently

5 Etiquettes Every Girl Wants Her Boyfriend To Follow
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Unkempt hair, overgrown beard, ill-fitting clothes….? Why? I get it. The pressure to succeed in life is a tad higher on guys than on girls so you have too many things to do to spare time for grooming. But tell me, how much time does it take to trim a beard or iron a shirt? Barely 10-15 minutes. Don’t you have time for that? What will go wrong if you look presentable when meeting a girl? Looking disheveled a few times is acceptable but every time is a clear sign of laziness. Do you have any idea how much time and efforts girls put in to look their best before you?

(Who said the image above is irrelevant? Tatum looks smart! What can be more appropriate in its place, huh?)

Message: Please pull your pants up, trim your beard, and comb your hair. At least once. PLEASE!


4. Mind Your Manners

5 Etiquettes Every Girl Wants Her Boyfriend To Follow
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Parents don’t call you on your cell phone to have an hour long chat. They call you out of concern and will speak for hardly a minute. Despite knowing this, guys who yell at their parents for disturbing them only go on to show how they will treat their girl in a few years. Scolding waiters and abusing cab drivers further proves that it’s best to stay away from a guy who has zero patience.     

Message: Be nice to people who are dependent on you. Do not be so impertinent.


5. Keep The Accounts Clear

5 Etiquettes Every Girl Wants Her Boyfriend To Follow
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Paying on a date is considered chivalrous by men. Okay. Guys can pay for the first date but not all dates. Nowadays most women work and prefer going Dutch. But at times, you may not have enough change or run out of cash then ensure that you make it up to her next time. If you owe your girl any money then remember to pay it off. You need not return cash, instead pay for something else and settle it off. Do not keep any debt of any kind.

Message: Keep a tab on what you owe. Do not accept everything for free.


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Men may consider themselves as the superior sex but there are certain things that don’t register in their head unless you tell them. Speaking frankly will keep you from resenting a guy. If these things bother you and you are unable to speak upfront just show this post to him. He will get it.  


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