10 Signs That A Guy Is Definitely Not Interested In You

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. Plucking petals of a flower will not really give you the answer you are looking for. We have already seen how to know if ‘He loves you’. But sometimes we are so confused that we take a person’s politeness as a sign of love. So, in case you want to be a 100% sure of a guy’s feelings for you here are some clear cut hints which will tell you that he is not interested in you. At least not romantically.



1. He Never Initiates A Conversation

If a guy likes you he will find a pretext to be in touch with you. But if he is someone who only replies to your texts and never starts a conversation then please understand that he is not that into you. Even if he is prompt with his replies it doesn’t mean he likes you. It means that his phone is near him and he has free time.


2. Your Conversations Will Be One-Sided

Now let’s suppose you are dealing with a shy guy. You feel that he likes you but is too shy to approach you so you start the conversation first. After taking the initiative if you find yourself struggling to keep the conversation going then get the hint that he isn’t into you. If a guy likes you he may feel shy to talk but he will definitely want to hold your attention and keep talking to you. When he isn’t interested he will just reply to whatever you ask and will make no efforts to continue talking to you.


3. He Will Message And Then Disappear

Some men are real jerks. If a guy is not into you but is aware of your feelings for him he may want to play with you. What such a jerk does is that he will drop an occasional message just to check if you still like him or not. As soon as he sees your quick response and realises that you are more than eager to talk to him, he will vanish. For you, an occasional text from him will seem like a blessing but what you fail to understand is that he is just getting an ego boost. He hasn’t messaged you out of the blue just because he has suddenly developed feelings for you but because he gets a kick from seeing your excitement to talk to him. Please stay away from such a-holes they only like to play around.


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4. His Conversations Will Never Be Romantic

No matter how many hours you spend talking to a guy, if your topic of conversation is always general then it means that he sees you as a friend. A guy who is truly interested in you will always try to infuse some romance in his talks. If he has always steered clear from love in every way then get your hint loud and clear that he doesn’t see you in ‘that’ way.


5. He Will Never Ask Anything About You And Your Life

This one is simple. A guy who likes you will want to know more about you whereas a guy who is not interested in you will want to talk more about himself. If you have been talking to a guy till 4 am in the morning and all he did was share his personal problems with you then understand that he just wants someone to listen to his problems. If you chat regularly and he never once asked anything about you then it is very evident that he only wants your ears not your heart.


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6. He Will Ask You To Be His Wing-man

If a guy ever asks you relationship advice with other girls or asks you to hook him up with a friend of yours then it is a big red flag indicating no interest in you whatsoever. A guy who likes you will NEVER show interest in other girls when with you. He will only talk about you with you.


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7. He Never Feels Jealous

You tell him that another guy has been approaching you and he seems absolutely unaffected then just get it, he doesn’t care. A guy who has feelings for you will not be able to bear the thought of seeing you with someone else. But that doesn’t mean you have to constantly try to make him feel jealous. Do not do that mistake. Just once mention a guy who shows interest in you and see how he reacts. If he seems cool with it then, its time you re-evaluate your feelings for him.


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8. You Never Have His Full Attention

Whenever you are talking to him if he seems distracted or constantly looking away from you or is busy with his phone then please catch the not-so-subtle hint. If a guy likes you, you will have his full attention. When he seems so reluctant to talk then it is obvious that he does not want to be with you.


9. He Is Always Busy

There are men who have demanding jobs and tend to be busier than others are. But if he likes you then he will somehow manage to spare some time for you. However, if a guy is always out of reach and never makes time for you then you must know that you do not appear in his priority list and that he doesn’t really like you as much as you would want him to.


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10. He Will Tell It Straight Away That He Isn’t Interested In You

If a guy tells you that he isn’t interested in you then please take his words at face value and believe him. Do not try to fool yourself and romanticise his rejection by thinking that he likes you but is unable to say it clearly. Do not fall into the self-made trap that he wants you as badly as you want him but is hesitating only because he doesn’t feel he is good enough for you. No guy does that. Even if a guy knows a girl is way out of his league, he will do everything it takes to keep her no matter how difficult it is. Do not believe Hindi movies or romantic novels or even K-dramas that show a man sacrificing his love to see her happy with someone else. Not all men think like that.


Guys are more than subtle when it comes to showing their interest in a girl. If he likes you, even if he is shy, he will definitely drop hints to let you know. Moreover, he will do everything it takes to keep you close to him and never let you go. So if a guy has been showing a few or all of the above signs then it’s time you quit wasting your time on that guy and changed your direction. This path will lead you nowhere.  



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