10 Unusual Things Guys Find Extremely Attractive In Girls

‘All men are the same’, this statement may be true in other matters but when it comes to attraction each man has that one specific thing that always draws his attention to a woman. We know how guys ogle at pretty attractive girls. But there are certain peculiar traits in a girl that attract a man instantly. For you, a certain quality of yours may annoy you, but for men, that unique thing makes you irresistibly attractive to him.

Here are 10 unusual things that guys find attractive in girls.

1. Feet

For Raghavendra, a girl’s feet says a lot about her. He grew up watching his mother practise classical dance at home and since then the first thing he notices in a girl is her feet. “Boys in my dance class used to fight to dance with the prettiest girl while I would be excited to partner the girl with pretty feet”, says Raghvendra. He believes that a girl who takes pains to keep her feet clean must be very hygiene conscious and that is a quality, which is very important for him.


2. Husky Voice

“No, I do not like Bipasha Basu for her sexy body but for her sexy voice”, smiles Asim. For him, girls with hoarse voice are extremely sexy and he loves to hear them speak. For him, the roughness in a girl’s voice does something to his brain and he cannot help feeling attracted to a girl with such a voice.


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3. Nails

Fardeen’s ex-girlfriend was into nail art and would often show him interesting designs on her nails. He admits that no one knows of his fetish for nails but he easily notices girls with good nails. For him, nails need not be decorated but clean and shiny nails always have his attention and he feels instantly attracted to such girls.


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4. Fringes

Karthik says that girls with fringes look extremely cute. Fringes that fall partly over a girl’s eyes make her look cute and sexy at the same time. He says that he has only dated girls with fringes or side bangs. Not that he has anything against girls without fringes but he feels automatically drawn to girls who do.


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5. Crooked Teeth

“Have you seen Avril Lavigne’s fangs? Doesn’t it look cute?” asks Sujoy, who feels that girl’s with crooked smiles smile the best. He says that girls who have crooked teeth have a childlike smile and that attracts him like nothing else.


6. Cleft Chin

A cleft chin or a dimpled chin or a face ass, whatever you call it, is what Ankush finds most attractive in a girl. Ankush says that girls with cleft chin appear more appealing to him than other girls. It is a facial feature that makes a girl stand out.


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7. Roman Nose

Not all men like a perfectly straight nose. Some like a bent nose that appears slightly crooked. Ajinkya feels that girls with such a nose look very confident. He says that he often finds himself checking out people’s noses in general. And he has a track record of crushing on girls with a Roman nose.


8. Erect Spine

Rahul says that girls who walk and sit with an erect spine look dominating and he finds that extremely attractive in girls. He feels that impressing such a girl feels challenging. Girls who walk with a firm gait always stand out in a crowd.


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9. Thin Lips

“Other men find a pout sexy but for me, a girl with thin lips is sexy plus mysterious”, says Glen. For Glen, girls who pout excessively look stupid. He adds that girls with thin lips rouse his interest and he feels like wanting to know more about them.


10. Small Ears

Hiten finds small ears very attractive in girls. He says that small ears, especially those that are red make a girl look very cute. He also likes a red nose in girls but small ears always attract him without fail.


Weird, isn’t it? Things we consider unattractive is actually what attracts men. Well, just like Plato quotes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, doesn’t it?


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