Girl In The City Review: A Web Series Worth Your Time And Attention

Bindass’ first web series, Girl In The City is the story of Meera, a 21-year-old girl from Dehradun who comes to Mumbai for a 3-month internship with a fashion house. This 13 episode long web series shows Meera’s experience as the ‘Brand New Intern’, working under a rude and nasty female boss.


Girl In The City (2016)

I think I had tears in my eyes while watching Girl In The City because I could relate to Meera’s plight. I have had terrible experiences working with some horrible female bosses. I think it is just my misfortune that I have never been able to get along with most of my female bosses. There was this one woman who was assigned to overlook and approve my work and she gave me such a horrid time that made me averse to female bosses in general. She was just like Avan who would unnecessarily criticise my work and bully me. Workplace felt like hell for those few weeks that I worked with her. Thank God, the client withdrew the project and my ordeal ended. Had that not happened I certainly would not have survived in that office as long as I did.

Coming to the web-series, the story is very realistic. The characters and scenarios are totally relatable. For instance, in episode 8 Meera’s boss Avan gets scolded by her superior and she breaks down. Meera tries to console her and Avan even gives in sharing her dilemma with Meera but then she suddenly flips her ‘sad girl’ switch and gets back to ‘b*tch boss’ mode and disses Meera for no apparent reason. I so wanted to tell Meera to not be nice to that woman. She is pure evil and nothing will ever change her.

The episodes are well edited and nicely presented with a decent OST. The lead actress, Mithila Palkar is fabulous as the chirpy and enthusiastic Meera Sehgal. She has good screen presence and an engaging personality that makes you want to watch her. Udaan fame actor, Rajat Barmecha also looks convincing as the cleanliness freak, food enthusiast roommate, Kartik. Meera and Kartik make a cute little young pair.

What I loved the most about this web series is that Meera’s parents are shown to be modern and supportive despite coming from a small town. In episode 12, it so happens that Meera’s father pays her a surprise visit and is unaware that she has been recently fired. Meera easily confides in her father without any hesitation and he too doesn’t criticize her but guides her to overcome the difficult situation. I wish all parents were this approachable and empathizing.

Girl In The City is a well-made web series. It looks like an urban television show with a brilliant cast, realistic story, and cool soundtrack. It is what a web series should be, worth your time.


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You can watch Girl In The City on Bindass’ YouTube Channel.


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