Obsidian Review: Alien Love Couldn’t Have Gotten Any More Mushy

I find it funny when a drop-dead gorgeous male protagonist of any book claims that he has never really been in love with anyone till he meets the female protagonist. The female protagonist walks into his life one fine day, catches his eye by doing almost nothing, changes him and makes him fall in love so badly that he is willing to risk his life for her. Such things seldom…. Nah! Never happen in real life. But then, this is fiction and this why readers enjoy fiction so much. So, all is fair in a fictional world.

I bought Obsidian following the rave reviews online. Every girl who enjoyed reading fantasy and romance novels highly praised this book. So, I thought this is the book I ought to have no matter what. I immediately placed an order to get my copy imported and below is what I felt after reading the book.


Katy Swartz and her mother (A nurse by profession) relocate from Florida to West Virginia in the hope of moving on in life following the untimely death of her father. In the new town, Katy’s mother forces her to make new friends and encourages her to talk to their new neighbours. Katy visits her new neighbours only to find an extremely well-built and attractive young boy, Daemon opens the door. She feels nervous around him but his arrogance ticks her off having them at loggerheads each time they meet. Daemons’ twin sister Dee is fond of Katy and they become good friends much to Daemon apparent dislike. As she hangs out with Dee she notices weird happenings around her. Soon she comes to know that Dee and her brother Daemon are not humans but aliens belonging to a planet named Lux that is 10 billion light-years away from the Earth.

Why are these aliens here? Are they a threat to humans? Do Katy and Daemon fall in love with each other? Are aliens capable of falling in love? You can read the book to know the answers to these questions.

Points I Liked About Obsidian

Story: The whole aliens secretly trying to survive on earth has me intrigued. I may not have enjoyed the romance aspect of the book but I am curious to know what happens to the Daemon and his alien clan. I want to know what happens to the other characters in the book. I want to know if aliens and humans can cohabit. The writer has managed to create quite a buzz around her books as the plot revolving around aliens seems interesting. 

Katy: The protagonist is very witty. She feels intimidated by Daemon at first especially by his rude and condescending behaviour but then she starts giving it back and in the most kick-ass way. It’s not that she is a very strong girl but she isn’t weak either, at least she tries not to be the damsel in distress. It’s just that the enemies she is dealing with are way too stronger than her.   

Points I Did Not Like About Obsidian

Clichéd Romance: I personally enjoy reading love-hate relationships the most. This book had that but sadly everything about this book was so clichéd that I did not find Katy and Daemon’s (supposed) chemistry interesting. There was nothing new in their romance. It is nothing you haven’t read or watched before. The sequence for such books is always the same.  

Uber hot guy, Check.

Guy treats the girl like shit. Check.

Guy secretly likes the girl. Check.

The girl is chased by multiple boys, boy feeling jealous. Check.

The girl is in trouble boy saves her EVERY time. Check.

The guy has a dark secret. Check.

Girl accepts guy despite the dark secret. Check.

This serves as an outline for romance novels following similar plots. The name Daemon reminded me of Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries and I was expecting some real hardcore romance but what I got was a seen-hundreds-of-times before the story.

I tried hard to like Daemon but he was so predictable. [[Spoiler]] From the beginning of the book, I knew that he is keeping Katy away from himself only to protect her when in reality he actually likes her. [[Spoiler]]

Writing: I do not like to judge anybody’s writing but I was surprised to see grammar errors in a best-selling novel like this. I found the writing to be slightly sloppy. Had the writing not been this mediocre I would have enjoyed the book a little more.


The general plot of the book is not unique but the writer manages to infuse some degree of suspense and thrill in the book, which makes me want to read the series. Despite being highly predictable, the book is not boring. It did not live up to my expectations but I do not regret reading the book because it had my attention throughout. Obsidian isn’t bad for a light read but don’t expect anything great. I think I can overlook the shortcomings and read the next book in the Lux series.


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