Tere Bin Review: An Interesting Medical Drama Cum Love Triangle

Show Title: Tere Bin

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Timing: Monday to Friday 8 pm


Medical dramas always interest me. I used to follow Sanjeevani and Dill Mill Gayye and loved the whole concept of doctors clashing, saving lives, and falling in love all at the same time. It was so cool and different back then. However, Tere Bin is nothing like those two romantic medical dramas. Tere Bin revolves around a married couple forced to be together due to circumstances. Akshay and Vijaya are both doctors and work for the same nursing home. From the very first episode, it is clear that Vijaya is a doting wife to Akshay but he isn’t very loving towards her. What complicates their life is the re-entry of Akshay’s old flame, Nandini who will soon be working with him in the same hospital. Yes, it’s a love triangle and the show is about an extra-marital affair. Let’s have a look at the first episode synopsis and see if the show is intriguing enough to catch it five days a week.


Tere Bin (2016)

Tere Bin Show Review
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Episode 1

The first episode starts with a little girl running around the house in her school uniform ready to go to school. She sees her naani (I was really glad to see a modern maternal grandma in sweatshirt and sweatpants) making breakfast in the kitchen. Neeti (Mahi Kanani) asks her naani to make apple juice for her. Naani tells her that there are no apples in the house and that she will make the juice tomorrow for her. Naani tells little Neeti to sit at the dining table while she gets the breakfast ready. Neeti’s mother, Vijaya (Shefali Sharma) is in her room, applying make-up while her husband is in the shower. She decides to pick clothes for her husband and selects his outfit from his wardrobe. Akshay (Gaurav Khanna) comes out of the bathroom and is surprised to see Vijaya holding his clothes for him. She tells him that since they are running late she kept his clothes ready to save time. He doesn’t look very impressed. She feels dejected and says that they have been married for 8 years and he still never speaks his heart out to her (It’s very clear that she adores him while he is only putting up with her for some reason). The full family is at the breakfast table when Akshay receives a call from the hospital. A nurse informs him that his patient is ready and he should be there soon for the operation. Akshay, Vijaya, and Neeti quickly have their breakfast and as they are about to leave Akshay stops to look at a picture hanging on the wall. Neeti asks him about the person in the picture. He tells her it is of his friend Nilesh. She then asks him why doesn’t Nilesh ever visit them, but Akshay changes the topic and tells her to hurry up for school (OK. I get it. Nilesh is Neeti’s biological father who died before marrying her mother which is why Akshay was forced to take his place to save Vijaya’s pride).

At the hospital, a young woman (with hideous eye makeup) is waiting with her CV for a scheduled interview. The receptionist informs her of the doctors’ arrival and sends her to her interviewers’ cabin. Dr. Vijaya is interviewing Dr. Nandini (Khusboo Tawde) for the post of an anesthetist. Dr. Vijaya asks Dr. Nandini some personal details and Nandini is surprisingly rude to her (surprising because who talks to their future boss in that tone?) but Vijaya seems rather cool and goes on with the interview. After they are done with the interview a nurse comes running in Vijaya’s cabin to inform her about the sudden absence of an anesthetist for a very crucial surgery. Vijaya is furious and panicky. She requests Nandini to help her out. Nandini agrees. Wearing scrubs and a surgical mask she enters the operation room and is heavily reprimanded by Dr. Akshay who thinks she is the original anesthetist assigned for the operation and has arrived late. Nandini is shocked to see Akshay and freezes in her place. The nurse tries to inform Akshay about the replacement anesthetist but he refuses to listen and goes on with the admonition (Can’t this scolding be done after the surgery? Wasn’t he the one to emphasize the importance of every second in a surgery?). Nandini apologizes and gets to work. Throughout the surgery, she is lost in her thoughts and is busy looking at Akshay in disbelief. Vijaya’s mother calls her to tell her that she would be taking Neeti for shopping. Vijaya tells her not to buy Neeti chocolates as she is being pampered too much by her and Akshay. Naani gets emotional and tells Vijaya not to speak anything against Akshay as he is their savior and kind of an angel in disguise. After the surgery, Akshay praises the teams’ hard work. As he washes his hands, he is shocked to see Nandini’s reflection in the mirror and runs after her. He stops her by the lift and apologizes for scolding her unnecessarily. He then asks her about her arrival in Mumbai to which she tells that she came to the city two years ago. She looks stunned and he asks her the reason for it. She tells him that he has mistaken her for someone else and that she is not who he thinks she is. She leaves saying, “Have a great day, Sir”. The pre-cap for the next episode shows Nandini crying in her car while Akshay chases her to the parking lot. He sees her crying though the rear view mirror. The lift behind Akshay opens and Vijaya steps out of it.

First Episode First Impression

Interesting isn’t it? The plot is made crystal clear in the first episode itself. Akshay and Nandini were in love with each other but had to break-up because of his marriage to Vijaya. Despite his marriage, Akshay is still in love with Nandini and is more than happy to see her after so many years. I am sure he will pursue her and may even consider leaving Vijaya. Gaurav Khanna looks smart as a doctor. I read a news article which said that he was asked to tone down to look like a doctor. And from what I saw in the first episode he makes a convincing doctor. Shefali Sharma was also good. I wish Vijaya could take a cue from her mother and ditch the typical colorful saris for some chic formal wear. It will break the ‘bahu’ stereotype and she will look good and professional. Nandini was too rude to Vijaya and I dislike her already. I also hated her attire and makeup too. Who wears such stuff for an interview? Khusboo Tawde seems like a good antagonist for the show.

Tere Bin has a good cast and a good storyline. It will be interesting to see the three doctors tackle dicey situations that await them.


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