ALPHAS of 2017

What a year 2017 has been! I loved this year because I watched a lot of dramas, discovered some really amazing products and read tonnes of books. 2017 has been the most eventful and productive year for me and I have a long list of favourites for this year. Yes, in today’s post I will list all the dramas that I enjoyed watching the most, products that were the most effective for me and books that were totally worth every paisa. 

So, what are we waiting for, let the Alpha list begin.


αLPHA Dramas

This is going to be most difficult for me because I have watched some amazing dramas this year. My picks will be only those dramas that I watched in 2017 and not those that released this year. Of the 21 dramas I reviewed this year, I have selected 5 dramas that I loved the most. The list is in descending order.

5. Love Rain

Love Rain Review

Despite scoring low in my drama rating, Love Rain is here because it got me out of my drama slump. Also, Jang Keun Suk is one of my favourite Korean actors and I simply loved him in this drama. I feel happy when I think about this drama. So, even though its second half was boring like hell, I still adore it for its first 12 episodes.

4. In Time With You

In Time With You Review

Ariel Lin’s chemistry with her two extremely good-looking co-stars was HAWT!!!! Chen Bolin was too charming in this drama. In this drama, Li Da Ren is madly in love with Cheng You Qing since his their school days. However, he lacks the courage to confess to her so he instead befriends her. Da Ren is You Qing’s soul-mate but it takes her a long time to realise what he really means to her. This sweet and lovely drama is perfect for romance lovers. I liked this T-drama a lot despite the draggy episodes. 

3. She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Review

Haahhahaa…. I laugh each time I think about this drama. This rollicking drama has a great cast and absolutely hilarious screenplay. I adore each and every episode of this drama. The drama is about Kim Hye Jin who is not the most beautiful girl and wants to stay away from her childhood love who has returned to the country after studying abroad. However, all her attempts at pushing him away falls flat as he joins the company she works in and falls helplessly in love with her despite being unaware of the fact that Hye Jin is his first love. I love romantic comedies and I love KIM HYE JIN.

2. Because This Is Our First Life

Forced co-habitation is my favourite drama trope and Because This Is Our First Life took this to another level. If you fail to understand the concept of an arranged marriage, then you must watch Ji Ho and Se Hee fall in love in this drama. Yes, their marriage is a collaboration of convenience it is very similar to an arranged marriage where two strangers happily share their lives with each other. A great cast, interesting script and enjoyable OST, this drama has everything that I look for in a drama.

1. Tatta Hitotsu No Koi

Tatta Hitotsu No Koi Review

Discuss love and I will happily join the discussion. I love romantic dramas the most and Tatta Hitotsu No Koi is a classic Japanese love dorama. Falling in love never seemed this easy before this drama. Hiro and Nao are my favourite OTP. Their feelings for each other are so earnest that it gives new meaning to ‘true love’. The splendid OST of this drama still reverberates in my ears. This drama is a very ‘my kinda drama’ and it will always have a special place in my heart.

αLPHA Written Episodes

A Love Story

A Love Story Episode 74

A show with one of the best OST’s I have ever heard. I love this show for two things: Korkut and its melodious soundtrack. I hardly ever re-watch a drama but A Love Story is an exception. Too bad OZEE pulled out the uncensored version from their site otherwise I used to re-watch this show whenever I got some spare time. Of the 85 episodes that I recapped, Episode 7 (when Korkut and Ceylan drink together for the first time and kisses her mistaking her for Asli), Episode 16 (when Korkut fools Ceylan by lying about his death), Episode 19 (when Korkut and Ceylan go on an impromptu date and he rescues her from Tolga’s annoying questions), Episode 33 (when Korkut and Ceylan spend the night in a motel room), Episode 51 (when Korkut and Ceylan spend the night together) and finally Episode 85 (when we see an alternate life of Korkut and Ceylan together) are the episodes I enjoyed watching and writing the most. 


αLPHA Book

The Devotion of Suspect X Review

This year has been the best in terms of book reading. I read more than 20 books this year and discovered Japanese thriller. While checking out the Murakami collection at Crossword, an elderly uncle randomly recommended me to try Higashino and I purchased one of his most popular thrillers and fell in love with it. The Devotion of Suspect X is my best read of 2017. Thank you Uncle, for the recommendation. I love Keigo Higashino and am currently on my sixth Higashino thriller.


αLPHA Products

This year I tested and reviewed 52 products. Whoa!! I did not even realise that. I am glad I discovered many new good brands this year out of which Omved is my favourite. I also tried several Korean sheet masks and fell in love with most of them. It was difficult for me to pick my most favourite products but I had to do it so here are my favourites in descending order.

5. The Face Shop Real Nature Longan Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Longan Mask Review

One of the best masks I have used. This one was highly hydrating. It had a pleasant fragrance and made my skin radiant.

4. Hairmac Moroccan Argan Oil

Hairmac Moroccan Argan Oil Review

This is my go-to product each time I feel my hair looks dull. It makes my hair glossy and shiny in a jiffy.

3. Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask

Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Pack Review

Everyone in my family is obsessed with this hair mask. I consider it my best find of 2017. My hair is thin and limp and this hair mask gives it the lift, bounce and shine that it needs.


2. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree And Cinnamon Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash

Lotus Herbals Tea Tree And Cinnamon Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash Review

I have shared this face wash with a lot of my friends and they all have loved it. I used it during the summer when my skin got extra oily and this face wash easily kept my face oil free for 4-5 hours.

1. SSCPL Clove Cinnamon Hand And Foot Mask

SSCPL Clove Cinnamon Hand and Foot Mask

And finally, the product that blew me away this year. SSCPL’s hand and foot mask received highest ratings ever. I actually rated this product double the maximum limit because it is that freaking incredible.

αLPHA Instagram Images and Videos

Right now, I have two Instagram profiles (Beauty will be live in January) one is the drama account – alphagirl_dramareviews and the other is a Bookstagram account – alphagirl_bookreview. Here are some of my favourite and popular Instagram posts.

One of my most popular memes on Instagram.

Ban Ryu’s rare smile surprisingly got the most number of likes in the past year.

And Zhao Yiting’s dazed kiss got the most views in 2017.

I am so obsessed with this cover that I even made it my profile picture. Totally love this picture.


One of the first pictures I took for Instagram.


This picture got the most number of likes on my Bookstagram.


2017 was an exciting year and I hope 2018 is even more exciting. 

Have a Happy and Safe New Year. 🙂 



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