5 Things That Look Good Only In Bollywood Movies, Not In Real Life

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Yes, I love Bollywood too. Everything in Bollywood is generally larger than life. However, sometimes some things are just too hard to digest. Some situations are so far-fetched that it can put even your wildest imagination to shame. But these scenes look good only on the big screen because in real life it can cause severe indigestion in your perfectly fine and well-functioning tummy.

Take a look at these 5 things that look good only in Bollywood movies and not in real life.

1. Going the DDLJ way. Nah! Not Really

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This epic scene from DDLJ looks so romantic that it builds your trust in true love. But try pulling such a stunt in real life and see how your mommy whacks you. Simran is happily running behind the train for her supposed soul mate but does she have any idea how much an Indian wedding costs? In real life, had her father shown her the wedding bills she wouldn’t have dared to chase after Rahul. Poor Kuljeet had to face embarrassment for no apparent fault of his. Now he will always be known as the guy whose wife ran away on the wedding day.

My Point: Leaving your to-be spouse at the altar looks nice in movies. In real life, it SUCKS!

2. Sacrificing your love for your sister on your WEDDING day

Things That Look Good Only In Movies, Not In Real Life
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This bride either has a really humongous heart or is plain commitment-phobic! She sends her boyfriend of seven years from the shaadi ka mandap just because she read his lovey-dovey texts to her sister. Woman! Are you crazy? Punch him, box him or have the ‘talk’ with him. Why give up so easily? He knows her sister for merely a week or so and is convinced that he is in love with her. Then what about those seven years he spent with his fiancée? Poor mummy and pappa of the bride have to witness the groom being shuffled between two sisters. In real life, even blood sisters will fight for their man. There is no chance that a girl will willingly allow her fiancée to leave her and lead a ‘happily ever after’ life with her younger maniacal sister.  

My Point: Sacrifice looks nice when it’s for a noble cause. At other times it makes you look stupid.

3. Playing karaoke with an eve teaser

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Now this gunda mawali is stalking her and singing songs. She curses him, hits him, and then sings a duet with him. I must say she has a lot of free time to play karaoke with a stalker. This looks funny only in movies. In real life, stalkers look nothing like Shahid Kapoor. They can only sing songs that will make your blood boil than do anything to sharpen your vocal chords.   

My Point: Please keep a safe distance from stalkers. Do not try to sing along with them.  

4. The snow-clad mountain and the barely clad girl

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Do you know what is frostbite? If no, then try wearing this mini red dress and dance atop a mountain covered in snow. I am sure the crew must have made provision to keep Kajol warm in the icy cold weather. In real life, no other normal human can survive that weather in such skimpy clothes.

My Point: Please do not try this in any place where the temperature is below the freezing point you might just end up dying.

5. Married man falling for another woman

5 Things That Look Good Only In Bollywood Movies, Not In Real Life
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I do not understand what is so romantic about infidelity. A man who cannot be loyal to his wife can be loyal to no one. A wife accepting her husband’s affair with another woman is possible only in movies. In real life, it only causes marital discord leading to divorce or the wife scratching the eyes out of the other woman.  

My Point: Infidelity is not cool in any way, neither in reel nor in real.  


You see, not all Bollywood movies reflect the actual scenario of our society. However, some movies just enjoy putting a topi on the audience’s head.


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