Trideviyaan Review: A Family Version Of The Charlie’s Angels

Show Title: Trideviyaan

Channel: Sab TV

Timings: Monday To Friday 9:30 pm

SAB TV’s latest offering Trideviyaan is inspired by the hit American franchise Charlie’s Angels where three female secret agents work undercover to nab criminals. This isn’t the first time we are seeing an Indian adaptation of the Charlie’s Angels. A few years ago we had C.A.T.S. on Sony TV which was also based on the same movie. In Trideviyaan, we will be seeing Aishwarya Sakhuja, Jayshree Venkatramanan and Shalini Sahuta as three secret agents working for the government. Let’s have a look at the written update of the first episode and see if it managed to generate any curiosity.



Trideviyaan (2016)

Episode 1

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In an abandoned mill, a few people tied to poles are struggling to free themselves. Cut to, nine hours before, groom Garv Chauhan, anchor of a crime-based show is recording his wedding video and welcomes us to his wedding. His father Denanath Chauhan interrupts his recording and asks him to get ready for the bidaai (traditional send-off of the bride) but Garv asks for a family photo instead. His father says that gathering their whole family in one spot is too difficult a task and that he should find someone else to do it and calls out to his daughter-in-law Danu and assigns her the task of assembling their full family for a picture. She looks into Garv’s camera and introduces herself as Dhanshree Chauhan, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Chauhan family and the wife of inspector Shaurya Chauhan.

Just then a man, hiding under a blanket walks in and Dhanshree tells him that this isn’t the place for langar (free food offered to the poor by the Sikh community) and he throws off the blanket to reveal himself. It is Shaurya trying to sneak in the wedding. He is hiding from him mother who might scold him for coming to his brother’s wedding in his uniform. Dhanshree then sends him off to change his outfit for the family photo.

Garv then introduces his mother, Suhasini Chauhan as a woman crazy about foreign places. A lady is shown praising weddings in America when Dhanu calls her as saasuma (mother-in-law) asking her to come for the family photo. Dhanu then goes looking for her kleptomaniac daadi (grandmother) who we see is trying to steal the hairpin of a guest. Dhanu manages to distract the guest and stop daadi from stealing and sends her for the family photo.

The whole Chauhan family gathers in front of the camera and start posing for the family picture when the cameraman complains of something being missing. The family members re-arrange themselves a few times till they realise that the new bride is missing from the family photo.

Cut to a woman is knocking on a door, requesting the bride Tanu to come out but she screams that she won’t come out and that they can cancel her bidaai. Denanath then knocks on the door and asks Tanu to see him as he wishes to speak with her. Tanu promptly opens the door and Denanath requests her parents to let him talk to her alone. She tells him that though she has agreed to the marriage there is something she is sceptical about and that they are not aware of the true nature of her job. Denanath starts narrating a story about a young girl who was a fast runner and her passion drove her to take up a job in as a secret agent for the government and has successfully completed 20 missions till date. Tanu is shocked to hear her own story from Denanath who then addresses her as agent Hawa Mahal. She stands with her mouth agape and then asks how he knows about her secret job. He reveals that he is agent Himalaya and that he too was once a part of the Undercover Army (UCA). Tanu is overjoyed to meet him and tells him how she has been waiting to work with him for a long time. He tells her that he has been looking for two brave and capable agents for the next mission, which is why he even selected her as his daughter-in-law. He asks her if she is willing to work on a new mission with him. She readily accepts his offer and inquires about the other agent involved in the mission. He tells her that the other agent is also a member of his family and is known to be an extremely strong person. He says that the other agent’s strength, Tanu’s speed and his brains together can catch any criminal.

Tanu then meets Dhanshree who excitedly hugs her welcoming her into their family. Tanu wonders who amongst these people can be the other agent and spots Shaurya lifting a heavy vase and assumes him to be the other agent.

After the bidaai Dhanu informs everyone that she had taken a vow that the day her brother-in-law gets married, she would light 565 lamps in a nearby temple. Dhanu and Shaurya light lamps in the temple while the rest of the family wait outside the temple for them. Just then we see jeeps full of armed men arrive at the temple. They hold the family hostage and ask them to hand over their ornaments and other valuables. However, Shaurya snatches a gun from one of the goons and orders them to surrender when a man hits him from behind knocking him unconscious. Garv reprimands the goon for attacking a man from behind and challenges him to hit him looking in his eyes. And the goon coolly does so and Garv drops unconscious to the ground. Now angry, Tanu raises her arms to attack the goons when Denanath gestures her to stop and she contains her anger. One of the goons says that it will be dawn soon and orders his men to take the family to their spot and we see the full family tied to poles in an abandoned mill.


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First Episode First Impression (FEFI)

A little over 20 minutes the episode dealt with the introduction of the members of the Chauhan family. From the first episode, you can clearly understand that the secret agents will have to live a dual life. For instance, Dhanshree is shown to be a docile daughter-in-law when we all know that she is one of Denanath’s secret agents and that she is putting up an act to avoid suspicion. The writers have totally Indianized the three secret agents showing them to be regular bahu’s for others when in reality they are gutsy strong women trained to take on all kinds of criminal. I appreciate the writer’s thought behind this. 


What looked nice?

The fact that Denanath will be involving his daughter and two daughter-in-laws in secret missions to nab dangerous criminals sounds exciting. In a way, he is breaking several norms by encouraging women of his family to tread a dangerous path. I like the confidence he shows in the three young women.


What did not look nice?

I did not like the overly dramatic scenes and acting in the show. I get it that the characters have to act comically since it is a Sab TV show and it also belongs to comedy genre but their idea of ‘funny’ is a little lame as you will see overly animated and expressive characters that can sometimes get on your nerves.


Trideviyaan is a completely Indianized version of Charlie’s Angels and looks OK. It is suited for those looking for some light thriller.


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You can watch the first episode below.



In case you want to watch its episodes online, you can subscribe to SAB TV’s official YouTube channel here.



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