Richfeel Bramhi Jaborandi Hair Oil Review: An Expensive But Effective Hair Oil

Over the years I have done almost everything to have long and strong hair but sadly my super fine hair just doesn’t co-operate with any product. Of late, thanks to all the stress and poor eating habits, I have been losing hair. So, I purchased Richfeel’s Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil and Nourisher, with the hope of controlling my hair fall. The brand does not claim to stop hair fall but it says it is ‘effective on Alopecia’ so I thought let’s try the oil. I have been using Richfeel’s shampoo for a long time and I love it so trying its oil was a given. While purchasing the oil the sales person told me that buying just the oil is of no use and that you have to add Richfeel’s hair nourisher to see some actual effects. So I bought the hair nourisher (which burnt a hole in my pocket) and mixed it with the oil before using it. And here is my experience with the Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil and Nourisher. 

Richfeel Bramhi Jaborandi Hair Oil amd Nourisher Review

Name: Richfeel Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil

Price: Rs. 699/- for 500 ml


Richfeel Bramhi Jaborandi Hair Oil


Name: Richfeel Hair Nourisher

Price: Rs. 899/- 60 ml




How To Use: Before you use the Jaborandi Oil it is essential that you mix one bottle of Richfeel Hair Nourisher for best results. Apply the oil to your hair and scalp, massage for a few minutes and leave it on for at least 2 hours before washing it off.

What does it claim?

The back cover of the oil only mentions that it contains ingredients that make hair healthy while the hair nourisher pack indicates that it is effective on Alopecia and hair fall and that it vitalizes and strengthens the hair.

Does it fulfil its claim?

I believe hair fall is caused due to some internal reason and topical treatment cannot alone stop it. If you are suffering from hair fall, it is important that you determine the reason behind it and get it treated accordingly because no amount of hair oil can prove effective if the culprit behind your hair loss is the lack of vitamins. I have been suffering from hair fall for some time now. Aside from taking prescribed supplements I have also been using this oil and noticed that it is effective in nourishing my dry, listless hair. The hair oil did not control my hair fall but it did make it lustrous and shiny. My hair also broke less after using this oil. So, it does fulfil its claim of nourishing the hair.  

What’s good about it?

Contains few chemicals.

Effective in controlling hair fall to some extent (marginal to be precise).

Makes the hair healthy and strong.

What’s not good about it?

The oil and nourisher are sold separately and both are highly expensive.

The oil isn’t very effective without the nourisher which makes it imperative to buy both the products.



I give Richfeel’s Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil and Hair Nourisher 3.8 out of 5 rating. The oil and the nourisher are pricey but they are effective to a good extent and I am quite satisfied with this product.


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