Boys Over Flowers Season 2: Episode 9

Ota asks Tenma if he is angry with her for coming late to the meeting. He smiles and answers that her presence was enough for him as he knows how much she loves Eitoku.

Boys Over Flowers Episode 9

At Ota’s house, Airi asks Ota if she has fallen for Haruto and he quickly brushes her off. Ota recalls Tenma’s shocked and dejected face on seeing her arrive with Haruto at the meeting. As Ota leaves, Airi sighs recalling the sight of Haruto hugging Megumi in school.

Konoe asks Tenma about his meeting with Haruto and Tenma tells him about the problem at Eitoku and how it is not his doing. He then tells him how hard he is trying to change for Ota and Konoe retorts that it is Ota who is supposed change and not him. Tenma however, says that he will continue trying hard to break Ota’s wall as well as his own.

Kaito tells the rest of C5 that the culprit arrested was a fan of Megumi and held a grudge against her for transferring to Eitoku which is why he planned the whole thing. He shows them the stats of how the incident has helped improve Eitoku’s popularity.

Megumi rushes to Ota to share the big news with her. Excited, she tells Ota that Haruto finally called her Megumi instead of Megurin. She adds that he ate her dish which had gone cold and said that it wasn’t bad. She jumps in excitement and thanks Ota for helping her with Haruto. Ota, however, refuses to take credit for anything saying that she has no hand in it.

On her way back home, Ota gets attacked by two boys who spray colour (or something of that sort) in her eyes and leave after saying that ‘Eitoku has no future’. Oto drops to the ground and screams for help as she is unable to open her eyes because of the spray. Just then, Konoe spots her and offers to take her to the hospital.

Tenma comes rushing to the hospital and is relieved to see Ota looking just fine. Konoe asks her if she saw the culprits and she says she didn’t. She then tells them that the boys said ‘Eitoku has no future’ before leaving. Tenma suggests she talk to Haruto since it can have a connection with the incident that happened during Megumi’s birthday celebration. Konoe quickly interjects and tries to persuade Tenma to hasten Ota’s transfer process so she does not have to go to an unsafe school like Eitoku. Tenma however, tells him that he has left the transfer decision in Ota’s hand and will not force her to join his school. Konoe looks displeased to hear this.

Megumi asks Haruto for the lucky pig as a token of their relationship but Haruto flatly refuses saying that she should get one for herself instead of taking his lucky charm. Dejected, she says that their relationship still does not feel real to her. Haruto asks her what will make it seem real for her. Next day, we Megumi gush about Haruto and her date plan in front of Ota while Haruto looks annoyed as he tells his friends that Megumi has asked him to plan a date for her.

Haruto asks Issa for help and he suggests he make the first date ‘memorable’ with a kiss. A nervous Haruto goes white in the face while Airi threatens to beat Issa for his stupid idea.

However, Haruto seems to be seriously considering Issa’s idea. Frustrated, Haruto wonders about the exotic locations he can take Megumi for a date when Ota suggests he rather think about spending some quality time with Megumi. Flustered, Haruto asks her if she is talking about making ‘memories’ with her referring to the kind of memories Issa suggested. Unaware, Ota nods her head and Haruto points out in shock that she has already kissed Tenma. Ota’s goes red in the face as she screams at him to mind his own business.

Seeing her reaction, Haruto deduces that she has already kissed Tenma and then abuses him for being such a big flirt. Ota chides him for judging Tenma and her but Haruto now is too distracted as he feels frustrated about planning a date for Megumi. Ota suggests he rather pay attention to making it a memorable date for Megumi because spending some good time with Haruto is all that matters to her. Haruto and Ota continue to banter totally oblivious to Megumi who looks downcast as she observes Ota and Haruto from a distance.

Tenma’s mother Rie arrives unannounced at Ota’s home and apologizes to her for sabotaging Tenma and her relationship. She tells her that the engagement matters a lot to Tenma as it was his mother’s last wish and she was trying to ruin it out of jealousy. She then burns the photo evidence of Haruto and Ota before Ota and her mother saying that they will soon be family.

Haruto informs his father about his decision to date Megumi. Delighted, his father tells him that he named him Haruto (‘Haru’ means sun in Japanese) because he is a descendant of the Kaguragi family and he has to shine brightly like the sun giving light to others who depend on him. Seeing his father proud Haruto’s face breaks into a broad grin.

Ota happily heads towards Tenma’s school carrying a lunch box that she specially prepared for Tenma. On her way, she happens to see Konoe looking intimidated by two guys who look like thugs. The two then drag Konoe away and Ota follows them.


She sees Konoe hand them an envelope full of money. She recognizes one of the boys from the attack and then hears him ask Konoe if he wants them to attack her again. Konoe replies that he does not mind it and that he will pay them if they do successfully complete their task. The other then says that he should have come to them before instead of resorting to juvenile tactics like defacing the school’s stone and planting a bomb in the cake.

Konoe now looks annoyed and asks them to not contact him directly again. The two boys leave and Ota rushes to confront him. Unperturbed by Ota’s sudden appearance, Konoe calmly replies that he does not care what happens to either Eitoku or Momonozono all he cares about is Tenma’s happiness. He says that he cannot see Tenma upset and will go to any extent to see him happy. He then firmly adds that he can give Tenma more love than her. Bemused, Ota asks him to explain what he means but Konoe just turns his back and leaves.

Haruto surprises Megumi by arriving at her shoot. Megumi jumps with joy on seeing Haruto so her photographer suggests they take a picture together. Haruto sits stiffly beside Megumi who is all smiles sitting next to him. The photographer asks Haruto to relax and he barks that it is his ‘most relaxed’ look.

Ota looks disturbed as she gives Tenma the lunch box. He inquires about her sour mood and just then Konoe arrives looking happy and fresh. He then asks Ota about her eyes. Ota however, reveals to Tenma that Konoe is the real culprit behind the attacks in school and the one on her. Konoe very politely bows before Tenma and says that he is sorry for insisting on having Ota transfer to their school because of which she has now developed hatred towards him and is lying about him. Ota screams that she just saw him pay money to the attackers. Tenma intervenes that she must have mistaken Konoe for someone else and that a precious friend like Konoe will never do such a thing to him.

Stunned, Ota defends that she is not mistaken and that she saw Konoe herself with those goons. Konoe then defends that the night before Ota’s official transfer he saw her with Haruto and that he feels that Haruto is the reason why she doesn’t want to leave Eitoku. Enraged, Ota grabs Konoe by his shoulders and Tenma holds her from hitting him. He then pleads to have a word with her. She looks stunned as she realizes that Tenma does not believe her. Furious, she storms out of the school. Tenma chases after her only to be held back by Konoe who advises him to let her go as she anyways takes him for granted.

On their date, Haruto tells Megumi how impressed he is after seeing her work. Excited, Megumi asks him to repeat the compliment so she can record it on her phone. However, Haruto happens to spot Ota and calls out to her. Seeing her look so frustrated he asks if she had a fight with Tenma which she quickly denies but Haruto notices the sad look on her face.

She then quickly exits saying that she has to rush for a date with Tenma. Megumi senses Haruto’s restlessness after seeing Ota upset so she asks him to go talk to Ota as she needs him unlike her who is happy after their photo shoot.

Haruto runs after Ota and finds her sitting on a park bench. He implores her to tell him what happened between Tenma and her but she refuses to divulge anything. He then offers to punch Tenma so he can feel at ease. As they talk, the same boy who Konoe hired to attack Ota clicks a picture of them together.

Meanwhile, Tenma looks devastated as he recalls what happened between Ota and him. He asks Konoe if he knows anything about what Ota said. Unfazed, Konoe offers to apologize to Ota to help Tenma patch up with his fiancee and Tenma looks pleased by the idea. Just then, Konoe receives the image of Haruto and Ota together in the park.

Konoe deliberately takes Tenma to the market where they bump into Haruto and Ota. Tenma looks unhappy seeing the two of them together and asks Ota if she is again secretly meeting Haruto. Konoe asks if Haruto was the reason why she stomped out of their school and she yells at him for spying on her. Tenma intervenes that she is mistaken and that Konoe can never do such a thing to her. Ota looks at him in disbelief. Haruto feels lost and asks what ‘culprit’ they are talking about. Tenma tells him that Ota was attacked and that the attacker tried to scare her by saying that ‘Eitoku has no future’. Ota apologies to Haruto but he is not listening as he walks towards Tenma berating him for not believing Ota’s claim about Konoe being the culprit.

Tenma tries to reason out but an agitated Haruto screams back that Tenma must have complete faith in the one he loves and that he must be aware of how she truly feels. Ota feels moved by Haruto’s words. Tenma justifies that he does trust Ota but taking her word would mean going against his best friend Konoe. Infuriated, Haruto grabs Tenma by his collar when Ota screams for them to stop. She pleads them to go home and leave her alone. Haruto leaves promptly but Tenma stays back.

He tries to talk to her but she quickly cuts him out saying that she wishes to be alone tonight. And our teary-eyed hero leaves without another word. Ota cries alone in the market as she recalls all that happened between Tenma when Haruto appears from nowhere offering her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. He then urges her to tell him all that happened till now. Haruto sympathizes with Ota saying that he always found Konoe slightly suspicious. He then says that he understands Konoe’s loneliness and attachment to Tenma. He assures Ota that he will find a way to prove Konoe guilty so Tenma can kneel before her begging her forgiveness.


Ota sighs and Haruto nervously tries to place his hand on her shoulder to console her but is too frightened to do so. She then asks about his lucky pig Washington and he offers to give it to her which she happily accepts.

On his way home, Tenma spots the flowers in a store that were placed in his mother’s coffin. He remembers Ota’s promise of never leaving his side. Tenma instantly regrets leaving Ota alone and like a typical Japanese hero, runs straight to Ota’s house. Sadly, her mother informs him that she hasn’t returned home yet.


Before partying ways, Ota thanks Haruto for believing her. She bids him goodbye but he runs to her before pulling her in a back hug. Surprised, she tries to push him away but he pleads to hold her for just a minute. Just then, Tenma appears from nowhere and is completely shocked to see Haruto holding Ota in an embrace.

Seeing Tenma, Ota tries harder to free herself from Haruto’s embrace but he refuses to leave. He then looks up at Tenma declares that he will take Ota away from him if he does not take good care of her. He then frees Ota who gapes at him as a baffled Tenma looks on. He then leaves after saying that he will find the culprit who attacked Ota. Tenma walks up to her and says that he does believe her but he also loves his friend dearly.


When Ota reaches home she is unable to let go of what Haruto said for her so she just opens the door and runs out of the house. (These Japanese people I tell you! Always running!)

Tenma visits Haruto at his house and asks him to stay away from Ota since he already has Megumi as his girlfriend. Haruto states that he will never let go of Ota. Haruto then accuses Tenma of playing with Ota’s feelings and raises a hand to hit him but Tenma easily dodges the punch while Haruto collides with his cupboard. Tenma scoffs that Haruto can never win against him. Haruto charges towards him but Tenma once again brushes him aside like a fly.  Haruto once again tries to hit Tenma who effortlessly manages to dodge him. All this is witnessed by Haruto’s father who sighs in despair seeing his son lose so hopelessly. He intervenes and scolds Haruto. As Tenma starts to leave, he asks him for a favour. He tells Tenma that he wants him to show Haruto that he is not as perfect as he thinks he is and that he is actually a 2 on 10 instead of the 5 on 10 that he thinks he is.


Tenma looks confused so Haruto’s father asks him if he is willing to have a bet with Haruto. He tells him that he knows how Tenma aces Kendo, Kyodo, and Judo so he wants him to challenge Haruto in these three sports. If Haruto loses he will never approach Ota again and will be sent abroad to study. If Haruto wins he is free to do whatever he wants. Tenma points out that Haruto is getting a raw deal and offers him a handicap which makes Haruto’s father laugh. Haruto declines the offer but Tenma still feels unsettled. Haruto then mocks him for feeling scared. Infuriated, Tenma then accepts the challenge saying that he now does not care if Haruto loses. Haruto openly declares that he will NEVER give up on Ota come what may. Meanwhile, we see Ota run to her friend Konno shivering in her arms.


Firstly, let me apologize for the delay in this update. The subbed version of this drama wasn’t available so I had to wait for it.

Catching up with this drama after so long felt really weird. I even forgot the names of the characters. But it took me just 5 minutes to recall where we left last.

I liked this episode though I must say that the story progression felt a little out of place. I felt this because of Tenma’s step-mother Rie’s sudden change of heart. It felt like the writers were doing away with an unnecessary antagonist so we can focus on Haruto and Tenma’s big clash in the climax. It is funny how she worked so hard to get rid of Ota only to relent so easily. I’m not complaining though. I hated her anyway. So, good riddance!

Ota again annoyed me in this episode. I don’t understand why she won’t let Megumi and Haruto live happily together?! I really pity Megumi. She has absolutely no self-respect and is unrealistically noble. It is really annoying to see her feel so happy with even a little good gesture from Haruto’s end. It doesn’t matter even if it is clearly a reluctant attempt. Why does she work so hard at winning Haruto’s heart when she so easily gives him up to Ota. She very well knows Ota and Haruto have a history but will still run to Ota to share her life’s little happiness that she experiences with Haruto. Like, seriously?! What is the need to tell Ota everything? Why can’t she find other people to share her love life’s exciting stories? Drama land sometimes introduces all kinds of stupid on this planet. Megumi, I’m sure, must be standing at a very high level on the ladder of stupidity.

I would have said the same about Tenma but unlike Megumi he fights for the one he loves. He is quite clear in his head. He does not want to deal with Haruto so he ensures that he keeps Ota close and happy. He is solely focused on Ota. I do not blame him for not taking Ota’s words blindly because Konoe is a very trusted comrade for him and he cannot just accuse him without knowing his side of the story. I am not sure if Konoe is gay and has romantic feelings for Tenma or is it just undying friendship but Tenma surely treasures him as a friend. It is very easy for Haruto to preach Tenma that he must side with the one he loves but dude, Ota and Konoe are both dear to him then how can he pick sides easily? Each time Haruto sided with Ota I had only one Hindi phrase stuck in my head i.e. ‘Chance Pe Dance’ by which I mean he is just making hay while the sun shines by pulling up on Tenma at the very first opportunity he got.

What I loved the most about this episode was that street scene where Haruto locks Ota in a back hug and then openly challenges Tenma to keep him from stealing his girl away from him. Like as if Ota is a wallet that he can steal from Tenma but whatever, I liked the aggressive air in the scene. Tenma’s fear of losing Ota was palpable. Okay, cutie second-lead (?) Taishi still has scope for improvement but I think he did a really good job in that scene. First, his unsure declaration of trusting Ota and then his fake and nervous smile to Ota was just amazing. Utada Hikaru’s ‘Hatsukoi’ makes such a magnificent background score in this scene. Ah!! Love that song so much!

I am now looking forward to the climax which has my favourite Shota Matsuda in a guest appearance. Yippeeee!!


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