Finding Your G-Spot In Life Review: Good Writing But Drab Content

‘Finding Your G-Spot In Life’ will grab your attention with its zany title. I’ll give it to the author for playing with words so effectively to make the book stand out. And not just the title but the book itself is readable because of author Geetika Saigal’s writing. I have mentioned this before and will repeat again, I am not a big fan of self-help books. I have nothing against this genre but I also have no reason to favour it. I believe words do have a tremendous impact on people and if any book manages to change the way you see or do things then nothing can be better than that. I accepted this book only because the preface of the book piqued my interest. The book is semi-autobiographical so the preface also talks about how the author has been dodging death since her childhood. She then goes on to achieve great heights in life only to one day leave it all behind to find the true meaning of her life. With this background, I went into the book hoping to read something novel and off-centre, unlike any other self-help book. Did it live up to my expectations? Well, I’ll let you know in just a bit.     

Finding Your G-Spot In Life by Geetika Saigal

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

The probability of your parents meeting: one in a million.

The chance that they had you and not another genetic version of you: one in 4 million billion.

The number of moments you have lived in your lifetime: 9.4 million.

You, Yes YOU are a miracle.

Do you not then deserve to lead a miraculous life?

A life that is meaningful to you, that doesn’t leave you feeling like you are running and running, but not knowing where to, and why so.

So go on, give yourself and your life the best shot.


By ceasing this race to ‘somewhere’ for just a few hours;

Re-discovering Your Real Self, Re-aligning Your Thoughts, Revamping Your Life This book is written for all of us, whether you’re just starting out your life or wishing to change it.

(Blurb as on the back cover)

I LIKE Finding Your G-Spot In Life Because,

Finding Your G Spot In Life Review

…I liked the author’s writing. (Except the excessive use of the ‘f’ word especially towards the end of the book.) Her writing is smooth, relevant and to the point without thrusting life altering pieces of advice down your throat. She is humorous and does not mind calling herself an “a**-licking corporate slave”. Like any of us, she too has seen several ups and downs in life. The ups must have swayed her several times but the downs did not manage to keep her bogged down and she has beaten all odds in life to stand tall in triumph. She narrates certain instances that changed her outlook towards life and wants her readers to know what she has learned from them. She lists DIY’s that you can practise and learn more about yourself and life in general. I may have a problem with the overall content in the book but there is no denying that the author’s writing is good (you will know from the number of favourite quotes I have listed down below). If the author writes another book belonging to a genre other than self-help, then be assured that I will be reading it.   

I Do NOT Like Finding Your G-Spot In Life Because,

Finding Your G Spot In Life Review

…because of its’ semi-autobiographical approach. Yes, I know the author’s near-death experience was what made me want to read this book. But the more I read about the author the more I lost interest in the book. I’ll explain. When I purchased ‘How To Be A Bawse’ by Lily Singh, I bought it because I LOVE her and really wanted to know how she single-handedly built her own empire. She is a self-made celebrity and I was interested in knowing how she got to where she is today. That ‘want to know more’ about the author does not happen in this case. You need not be a known face to hold my interest. You just need to have an interesting story to have me hooked. No doubt the author is very successful in the corporate world (you can read her interviews online to know who she is) but her journey or even experiences did not strike a chord with me. She often narrates certain instances in her life as a third person which is fine when you have something really path-breaking to share but she does that repeatedly for some unusual instances in her life which, after a point, lose the impact it is supposed to have. I agree she has had some scary experiences but still, for some reason, I did not find it compelling enough to be in awe of the author. As a self-motivation book, it is very important that the author rouses some interest, some motivation for the reader to keep going on. But for me, that was missing in this book.

…the author feels she knows exactly what you are thinking. Writers often predict the reaction the reader might have and address it right in the book itself. This style of writing confounds readers and shows how well the writer knows his or her readers. It’s a gamble to use this style and may not always work for everyone. The author here tries this trick not once but several times in the book which ticked me off the most. She often writes “I know you must be thinking….” Or “No, I am not talking about…..” whereas, as a reader, I am nowhere close to the tangent she thinks I’m on. As a working woman, I believe I am a target reader and when I see the writer fail miserably at reading my thoughts it annoys me. Why do you think you can read my mind? For instance, she narrates the kind of questions kids ask and then adds, “Sounds weird and silly, eh?” My instant reaction was NO! I have asked my parents those questions as a kid why would I find it weird? Isn’t that what kids do? Duh!!

…I hate the ‘The Shower Power’ technique mentioned in the book. I absolutely detest the idea of standing under the shower for a long time just to achieve some supposed ‘sense of calm in life’. I am not questioning the effectivity of this technique but I am BEGGING every reader to NOT TRY this pleeeeease. As per the technique, you stand under the shower for as long as you don’t manage to shun the noise of the outside world and feel calm from within. The world is facing serious water problems and in such a situation it is not practical to opt for long showers just to ‘calm yourself’. Like seriously!! Don’t do it. There are tonnes of methods and meditation techniques (check online) to achieve the same goal but please SKIP this one. I wish I could urge the publisher to take out this technique completely because we gotta save water. Water is a basic necessity for everyone but there are millions of people on this globe for whom it has now become a ‘luxury’.  

Favourite Quotes in Finding Your G-Spot In Life

“Don’t ask yourself, “What should I do with my life?”

Instead ask yourself, “What should I do with my time? What should I do today?”

“Life is a struggle……which struggle we choose and how we struggle, will ultimately define our life’s outcomes.”

“When you’re zoned-in, you can zoom-out when you know you, everything makes sense.” 

“The universe doesn’t give a shit about us; we might as well do.”

 “Remember, a small change in ourselves is more life-impacting than the big victories we are all chasing.”

“Doing what is right gives meaning, than doing what just feels good. And ‘that’ feeling lasts”

 “Failure is the base of the cake without which everlasting success cannot sit.” 

(You see she writes well hence these quotes. Sadly, the book feels like a movie with good dialogues but boring story.)

Final View: As much as I found Saigal’s writing admirable, the book overall was not inspirational. At least not for me. I tried my best to like this book but none of the DIY’s appealed to me and when that fails for a motivational book, then I don’t know what’s left in it to read.

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**This book is a review copy but the opinion in this post is unbiased and 108% my own.

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