Ila Is Online Review: Ilaben’s Hijinks Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Ila Is Online is about three central characters Ila, Varun and Navya. Varun’s fiancée calls off their wedding leaving him dejected and depressed. Ila is unable to see her son upset so she decides to take matters in her hand and find him another bride. Navya, on the other hand, is still nursing a heartbreak she suffered a few years ago at the hands of the boy she thought to be her first and last love.

The first thing I noticed about this book is its interesting cover. This is something I admire in most The Write Place books. Being an affiliate of Crossword, The Write Place has been allotted a special shelf at the Crossword bookstores where you will notice that their books have really cool covers. It shows how much of thought they put in while creating the covers for their books. I am currently reading a detective novel the cover of which is utterly horrendous. The book is not bad but the cover is so atrocious that it always keeps me from reading it. After seeing such poor covers, I truly appreciate the efforts publishers like The Write Place who work so hard to lure readers to read their books.

Ila Is Online by Preeti Vayada

Publisher: The Write Place

Ilaben Patel lives with her husband and son in Ahmedabad. After her son Varun’s wedding got called off she is determined to find him another bride so he can get out of his depression and live life happily as always. And to achieve this aim of hers, she needs to get on social media to be able to find a modern daughter-in-law. The only problem here is that she has no idea of how to use social media. She does open a Facebook account with some help but what ensues is weird conversations with some creepy people.

I LIKE Ila Is Online Because,

Ila Is Online Review

…Ilaben is too funny. She is a typical Indian mother who will go to any extent to see her child happy. Being a complete novice in technology, Ilaben struggles to learn to operate her Facebook account. Once online, her encounters with spam accounts will leave you in splits. She thinks she is smart but she is actually very gullible in the virtual world just like most of our mothers. Her innocent mistakes make her a very lovable character.

…Varun and Navya’s love story is simple and sweet. Both Varun and Navya have gone through heart-breaks but where Varun is still optimistic about love, Navya still finds it difficult to trust another man. Their relationship develops slowly like a regular couple as they go through their transition from friendship to love. They have their share of ups and down but in the end, everything falls into place.

…it is well written. The story is narrated by three central characters i.e. Ila, her son Varun and his love interest Navya. The writing is smooth, concise and crisp. The plot is intact and the writer never strays away from it so you won’t find yourself feeling bored or distracted. There is no unwanted drama or extra useless characters. Everything is in the right proportion.

I Do NOT Like Ila Is Online Because,

Ila Is Online Review

…erm…well there is nothing particularly bad about this book. I enjoyed reading it a lot.









Favourite Quotes in Ila Is Online

Ila Is Online Review

“Every mistake in life is a stepping stone towards success – I had read this in my seventh-grade report card when I failed the science exam. I still remember how the teacher scolded me in front of my father and complained about me being disruptive in class. What she failed to appreciate was that I was climbing the stairs of success with every small disruption and mistake.”


Final View: Ila Is Online is a light read and Ilaben, the quintessential Indian mother, will make you laugh with her innocent hijinks. If you are looking for something easy and amusing then do pick this one.


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 **This book is a free PR copy sent by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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