Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love Review: A Fun And 100% Relatable Read

Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love is a simple love story where girl meets boy, falls madly in love, parents oppose but they eventually find a way to be together. It is a story that most of us will totally relate to. When I started reading the book I couldn’t stop grinning because I have ‘been there, done that’. College crushes can be super-exciting. Right from the first sight to the side glances, from the stalking to the incessant blushing, I have experienced almost everything that Ira does when she falls madly in love with Raaghav. Few pages into the book and I started reliving my college days. Too bad I never found a ‘Raaghav’ in college to have a happy ending of my own but I still have hopes of bumping into my very own ‘Dr. Green Eyes’ (Ira’s nickname for Raaghav) someday.


Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love by Niti Chopra

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Sparkling and zesty with a dash of green, a Virgin Mojito is a unique blend up and Ira is one lucky girl to have found her Mojito – tall and handsome with green eyes, he is in every definition the intoxication for her. In a twist of tales, the traditional concept of the boy wooing the girl goes for a toss. Smitten at first sight, she boldly pursues her love interest, every bit candid and upfront about it.

But what is a concoction if not for a heady mix of elements? Her descriptive personal diary falls in the hands of her mother who, on the verge of a cardiac arrest, forbids her from getting into a relationship with the guy she has fallen for.

Will Ira stand up for the love that she has found? Or will she be the ideal daughter and keep the promise for her mother’s sake? Will hers be a love story that finds it difficult to have a sweet ending or will it be the perfect fairytale to be remembered down the years?

Will Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love be successful?

(Synopsis as on the backcover)


I LIKE Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love Because,

Ira Oberois Pursuit Of Love Review

…I see myself in Ira. I do not mean that Ira and I have similar personalities but the kind of emotions she goes through when she falls in love is what I can fully relate to. In fact, every girl experiences the same rush of emotions when she falls hard for a guy.

…Ira is a COOL heroine. The romance novel market is replete with books having the alpha male wooing his lady love. But here we have a smart, sexy, alpha girl who unabashedly expresses her feelings to her man. She leaves no stone unturned in showing her love for Raaghav. She is gutsy, confident and even cocky and I love her for that. I like it when girls take charge and go all out to earn the love of their beloved.  

…Ira and Raaghav’s story is very REAL. Not everyone will understand why Ira cuts all contact with Raaghav just because her mother objected to her relationship. But Indian girls do give up on their love for the sake of their parents. I would do that if I was Ira.

…I love Ira and Raaghav. The way the author has described the two of them I feel there could not have been a more perfect match out there. I am not sure if this story is real but I hope it is and I hope the real-life Raaghav and Ira are living happily together.


I Do NOT Like Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love Because,

Ira Oberois Pursuit Of Love Review

…there were a few cheesy lines that made me cringe. However, I think some corny lines are allowed in romance novels so I will let that slip.









Final View: I read this book over two icy winter nights as this love story kept me warm. This unadulterated Indian romance is a recommended read for lovers of love.


(Geez… I think there is too much ‘love’ in this post 😉 )  


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This book is a review copy but the opinion in this post is unbiased and 108% my own.


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