Little Things Review: Too Much ‘Sponsor Promotion’ Spoils The Content

Little Things is a web series launched in October 2016 by Dice Media. The web series has five episodes each about 15 to 17 minutes long. It is about Dhruv and Kavya who live-in together in Mumbai and how they deal with little things in life.


Little Things Review

The only thing I liked about this web series is its two lead actors Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal. The two actors act well and play their part convincingly. Mithila looks like a sassy girlfriend who wouldn’t think twice before handing over a pack on condoms to her boyfriend’s friend while Dhruv looks like an accommodative boyfriend and geek for whom GOT spoilers is a big sin. They speak like regular youngsters and behave like a regular couple. Their minor tiffs and friction are just like any regular couple.

However, the biggest problem with this web series is its content. When you see too much of paid promotion, you tend to feel annoyed and lose interest and this is what exactly happens with Little Things. Right from the first episode, you will see the actors talk about brands and apps so often that after a point you feel like you are watching a long advertisement. In fact, it is so high on sponsor promotion that I think the episodes were written only to promote their sponsors and not to develop interesting content. I know the importance of sponsors for web series that are made on low budgets and I am not against the idea of promoting a sponsor, I am against over-doing it. All web series promote their sponsors but they do so very subtly. This is the first web series that shoehorns their sponsors so blatantly and aggressively.  

For me, Little Things had nothing but advertisements to offer. The only reason to watch this series is Mithila Palkar because she is extremely cute in all the episodes. Other than that there is absolutely no reason to waste your time on this.


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