Sanyukt: The Saga Of Huge Disjointed Family And Their Strained Relationships

Show Title: Sanyukt

Channel: Zee TV

Timing: Monday To Friday 7:30 pm

Zee TV’s new show Sanyukt is about Govardhan Bhai Mehta and his family that are anything but united. All his sons live separately leading their own lives and families. Govardhan and his wife miss their kids a lot and wish to have a happy united family just like before. They have started with their efforts at reuniting the family by gathering them all at their ancestral home to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Now if their plans prove successful or no we will know through the course of the show.  


Sanyukt (2016)

Episode 1

Sanyukt First Episode Review
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We see a scenic lake with birds chirping with glee. A palatial house is being cleaned by the housekeeping staff for welcoming the owner who is returning to the house after three years. Shivlal and his wife Parvati, the head staff, are beaming with joy as they anxiously wait for the arrival of their Maalik and Malkin (landlord and his wife).

Grey car drives in and Shivlal runs to welcome his Maalik (Kiran Kumar) and Maalkin (Shubhangi Latkar). He bends to touch the feet of his Maalik Govardhan Bhai Mehta but he stops him and hugs him instead. The Maalkin i.e. Ila Govardhan Mehta seconds her husband’s words and she lovingly hugs Parvati. (Ok so they are rich and kind-hearted landlords)    

Govardhan and Ila enter their ancestral home and he feels nostalgic seeing the house being maintained in the same condition as it was a few years ago. He and his wife walk over to a portrait of his father and a small picture of his mother. They both bow respectfully before the picture and Govardhan begs for forgiveness for coming to visit the place after such a long time.  

Ila excuses herself to set their bags in the bedroom while Govardhan is reminiscing his old days with his family in the house. Ila looks at a picture of her son and fondly remembers a song that he had sung for her in his childhood.

Parvati enters the bedroom and Ila presents her boxes of gifts. Parvati at first refuses to take the gift saying that her husband and she have received a lot from them and but then gives in on Ila’s insistence. Parvati tells her that she missed her a lot and complains that this time, they came after a very long time. Ila explains that Govardhan’s work commitments kept them from visiting sooner. But now that he has retired they shall visit more often as their roots lie in this house. Govardhan grew up in this very house and she also spent many years after her marriage in this house.

Govardhan is still remembering the days he spent with his joint family in the house. He tells Shivlal how his family and all his cousin’s used to live together under one roof. He tells him that now they all are settled in different places and are leading a happy life and they all will be returning to this house a few days later for Govardhan and Ila’s 45th wedding anniversary celebrations.

Ila tells Parvati that she was barely a 13 or 14-year-old girl when she got married to Govardhan. On her first day in the household, her mother-in-law made her plant a tulsi plant in the courtyard saying that it will bring growth, prosperity and happiness in the house. Ila reveals that today she has money and wealth but lacks happiness and peace.

Govardhan stands before his father’s portrait and says that he is not happy in life because his four sons live separately despite living in the same city. He is sad that his family is separated and that his father was right when he’d say that only a ‘sanyukt’ (together and connected) family can be a happy family. He promises his father to re-unite his family just like old times.

Govardhan is relaxing in the garden when two small girls run screaming daadaaji towards him and embrace him. He lifts both the girls and goes inside the house to meet the girls’ parents. Govardhan’s son Niranjan and his wife Reeta are chatting with Ila in the house. Niranjan tells Parvati that he wants her special baingan ki sabzi for dinner tonight and Parvati gladly obliges. Ila tells Govardhan that their son Rahul has also arrived but is resting in his room. She offers to call him out to meet his father but Govardhan says he’ll meet him later. (Seems like some strained father and son relationship here)

Govardhan, Ila, Niranjan and Reeta are sitting at the dining table when Shivlal informs them that Rahul will have dinner in his room. This irks Govardhan and he goes to talk to Rahul. On entering Rahul’s room he sees Rahul standing by the window and a half empty bottle of alcohol lying on the table. Govardhan switches on the room’s light and asks Rahul if he could refrain from indulging in this for a few days as long as he is in this house. Unfazed, Rahul continues to drink in front of his father. His father yells in anger. Ila hears her husband screaming and leaves the dinner table to see what’s happening in Rahul’s room. Niranjan looks least perturbed by all this and continues to eat his dinner. Reeta scolds him for his behaviour. He tells Reeta that he doesn’t think anyone will eat after this so it was better that they have their dinner and not sleep empty stomach.

Rahul is still arguing with his father and disrespectfully addresses his father by his name to annoy him. He repeats his name again when Ila walks into the room and is stunned at what she just witnessed. She scolds Rahul for his poor manners and asks him to stop the drama that he has been doing. Rahul retorts saying that it is his father who has been doing drama all these years. He looks at his father and asks him that what does he think that summoning all his kids and spending some time with them will absolve him of his sins. Govardhan replies that he has never does anything wrong to ask for forgiveness. Rahul sneers at his father and tells him that Govardhan is the villain of not only his life but all of his sons. Rahul calls him khalnayak (villian) and glares at him with tears in his eyes while Govardhan can’t help looking shocked at his son.


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First Episode First Impression

Initially, the show looked a lot like Baghban where children abandon their parents to live their lives separately. Then it became very clear that it is in no way similar to Baghban. Luckily, Govardhan Bhai is well off and may not be dependent on his kids in any way. All he longs for is a happy family living together under one roof. He craves for family togetherness and love. He plans to bring his family together at any cost.

It’s a typical family drama with several characters and troubled relationships. The premise isn’t new but is it seems interesting. For once it the ‘old’ parents that are working hard at uniting their family otherwise in most shows it is some young chap with good intentions who strives to keep a family together. Such a plot requires a strong actor who looks convincing to be able to pull off such a task. Veteran actor Kiran Kumar is a good choice for such a strong role.  


What looked nice?

Strained relationships and their back-stories generate a lot of curiosity. For instance, throughout the first episode, Govardhan seemed like a noble man who treats his people well. But when his own son accused him of ruining his and his brother’s life there is a change in perception. You will now wonder what bad has Govardhan done in the past for his son to speak to him like that. Since there are many characters on the show there will be several revelations that could keep you hooked to the show.


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What did not look nice?

There was nothing to complain about this show. It looked nice and from the first episode, I feel it can have a long run provided the back stories are intriguing enough.


Overall, the show looks like any other Indian family drama with some positive characters striving to keep the family united while those with deeper wounds will try to avoid it. If you like watching family dramas then this show isn’t bad. If you aren’t a family drama fan then please take a U-turn right now. This is the most unadvisable route for you.


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