Two Lovely Years Of AlphaGirl!

Happy Birthday, AlphaGirl!

AlphaGirl turns two today and I feel like a proud Amma of my baby. I first want to thank all my readers for the constant support and love. Thank you for all the emails that you have sent me. I have read each one of them and also replied to all. Your emails are like dew drops on leaves that refresh me and give me a different perspective towards my content. I take all your inputs into consideration and try to incorporate them wherever possible. I have received your complaints and requests regarding quicker updates of Snowdrop recaps and trust me I am doing my best to complete as many episodes as possible. Hopefully, I shall complete the show early next year. You guys voted for Kuzey Guney updates following A Love Story but the show was pulled down from OZEE so I could not start it.

These two years have been the most stressful yet the best years of my life. Stressful because managing a blog is no joke. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment. And I have never been this serious about anything in my life before. I started this blog on a whim for a completely different reason. Two years ago I had no idea about product reviews and had never even heard of Korean dramas. Cut to, two years later, I have a cupboard full of products to be tried and reviewed and am a self-confessed drama addict. Life changes so quickly. God is very kind to me to have introduced so many new things in the past few years. I do not look like what I did in 2015 and do not even feel like what I did back then. I am a different person and it is all thanks to my blog.  

I feel these two years were the happiest because I got to learn a lot about things I never even gave a thought to before. Thanks to this blog I feel like I have rediscovered myself. I know myself so much better now. My life was too dull till AlphaGirl breathe some excitement into my monotonous existence. I wake up every morning, super-charged hoping to write some really cool posts which entertain, educate and even inspire my readers. AlphaGirl taught me what people actually mean when they say, ‘work is pleasure’. Before AlphaGirl work only meant a duty I had to fulfil in order to survive. I did my duty like an obedient soldier but lost my true self in the bargain. I don’t know what the future holds for AlphaGirl but I am sure to always love it.


What’s new in 2018?

I have already changed AlphaGirl’s logo and blog theme as a birthday gift this month. So, for 2018, I plan to bring back monthly ‘Alphas’ post where I list the best dramas, books and beauty products I tried that month. I maintained the Alphas post in 2016 but discontinued it in 2017 and wish to revive it next year. 

In the subtraction list, I will be discontinuing the ‘First Episode First Impression’ posts as well as the Webseries review. I have been sailing in too many boats at once and it has been getting more and more difficult for me to keep up with the pace at with things are moving so I have to let go of these two to be able to concentrate on the main categories of my blog.  

On the social media front, along with my drama and book account, I will also be starting a beauty account on Instagram. Do shower your love on that account just the way you have loved my other accounts. I will keep you updated on Facebook about it.


I hope AlphaGirl reaches new heights in the coming year. I also hope everyone is happier and healthier in 2018. May the new year bring lots of love and warmth for everyone. 


And before I forget, Merry Christmas!! 🙂 🙂 




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