Y.A.R.O. Ka Tashan Review: The Story Of A Robot With A Heart

Show Title: Y.A.R.O. Ka Tashan

Channel: SAB TV

Timing: Monday to Friday 7:30 pm

Have you seen the American show ‘Small Wonder’ (or its Indian adaptation ‘Karishma Ka Karishma’)? YARO ka Tashan is on similar lines but with a slight twist that is YARO is a robot with a heart. Not a human heart but something that generates human emotions and feelings in YARO. The shows’ first episode saw the creation of YARO. Let’s have a look at the first episode synopsis and see if Y.A.R.O. Ka Tashan is a fun filled show or not.


Y.A.R.O. Ka Tashan (2016)

Y.A.R.O. Ka Tashan Review
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Episode 1

Professor Agarwal (Rakesh Bedi) is a scientist. He and his wife (Malini Kapoor) have been married for many years but have not been blessed with a child. Professor Agarwal works on creating a robot that is human-like. He successfully creates a robot that resembles a human possessing limbs and a face. He tests some commands on him like waving of hand and picking a glass. Once the robot obeys the commands he removes a glowing blue object that looks like a human heart and places it in the robots’ body. He is content with his creation as his robot will be the first to have feelings and emotions. He calls his wife to take a look at the robot and tells her that it is the child they have been longing for so many years. He names him Y.A.R.O. which stands for Young Assembled Robotic Object. His wife hugs the robot, who is now her son after he calls her ‘mummy’. Prof. Agarwal tells his wife that Yaro isn’t like any normal robot, he has a heart which will enable him to experience human emotions.

Yaro is out in the garden to play like any other 6-year-old kid. However, the kids in the garden are frightened by the sight of a walking, talking robot and run away from him. Yaro feels sad and complains about his odd appearance to his father. His father then works on him and makes him more human-like by spraying human skin and hair onto his body. Yaro, now looking more human, goes to play football with the boys in the colony. While playing, he accidently hits the colony secretary Mr. Chaturvedi. He yells at Yaro asking ‘how did you hit me’, Yaro takes his rhetoric question seriously and once again kicks the ball towards him hurting him for the second time.

The doorbell buzzes in Prof. Agarwal’s house and Yaro uses his magnetic power to open the door without physically touching it. Mr. Chaturvedi is amazed to see that no one is behind the door and it opened on its own. He complains about Yaro to Prof. Agarwal but his wife distracts him and offers him some snacks making him forget about the whole issue.

Next day, while playing cricket Yaro hits the ball so hard that it disappears in space. At the same time, there is a new flash on TV that a ball seems to have appeared out of nowhere in a particular area and they suspect some aliens behind this. Prof. Agarwal and his wife are worried that if Yaro continues to do such extraordinary stuff then it won’t take long for people to find out his reality. Prof. Agarwal says that Yaro’s behavior is justified considering the fact that he is programmed to behave like a normal 6-year-old boy.

Prof. Agarwal modifies Yaro’s programming and turns him into a 15-year-old boy. As usual, Yaro goes to play with his friends but they refuse to play with him as they do not recognize him anymore. While taking a stroll in the compound he sees a pretty girl get out of a cab and ask for Chaturvedi’s residence. He feels something in his heart for the first time i.e. he feels infatuated with her. The next morning he follows her while jogging in the park. She notices him and asks him what he wants from her. He says he wants love from her to which she laughs and asks him his age. She tells him that she is 19 years old and that he should ask her out once he is 21. Yaro takes her advice seriously and requests his father to turn him older. His father refuses but Yaro throws a fit and does not get his batteries charged in retaliation. Prof. Agarwal is surprised and happy seeing the development of human emotions in Yaro and finally relents to his wishes. He transforms Yaro into a tall and handsome man. His wife and he are happy to see the new Yaro (Aniruddh Dave) and they share a family hug.  


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First Episode First Impression

I wasn’t very impressed by the first episode since a few things made no sense to me while some things irritated me.

What made no sense?

The scientist mixes some solutions in his lab and very conveniently SPRAYS (mind you SPRAYS) artificial skin and hair on Yaro. Seriously? He does that by just spraying something on him?

He lets out a newly developed robot out in the open without any supervision? Really? Which scientist does that? What if the robot did something unexpected and harmed someone?

When Yaro accidently (Accident? Isn’t he a robot? Do robots know what an accident is?) hits Mr. Chaturvedi with a football it mildly bruises his head but when he hits a cricket ball it reaches outer space. Does the robot intentionally modify his strength?

What irritated me?

Stupid catchphrase! Whenever Prof. Agarwal has to make a point he ends the sentence with the line ‘nitrogen se leke hydrogen tak’ (Right from nitrogen till hydrogen). Ugh! I guess they really wanted to prove that he is a scientist and this is was probably the best way they could remind the audience about it. His wife has the habit of repeating verbs. For example ‘….hum bol bol ke bol chuke hai’ or ‘kar kar ke ye kaise kar liya’ (Please don’t ask me to translate this). I don’t know why comedy shows have characters that speak so stupidly. I do not find it amusing at all.

Yaro now looks like a man in his late twenties and not a young boy. Now I am not sure if they did that intentionally and if Yaro is meant to be an older man. I thought the 15 yr old Yaro had asked to be turned into a 21 yr old boy. I hope the make-up artists work harder to make Yaro look younger because he looks anything but young.  

The plot line may not be entirely new but the story is slightly different since YARO has a heart. The scenarios that Yaro will face as a robot with a heart, is the only thing to look out for. The show might mostly be enjoyed by kids because as an adult, I did not find it entertaining at all to watch the next episode.


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