10 Reasons Why Every Girl Wishes Her Life Was A Romantic TV Series

You see, there is a reason why romantic shows are a hit with women despite the unbelievable characters and impractical situations. Every girl wishes to have that perfect moment with the perfect person at the perfect time in the perfect way and TV shows quench their thirst for perfection. Reality is anything but perfect. At some point or the other, you must have imagined yourself in the place of the protagonist of your favourite show. You also must have wanted guys fight over you or the most handsome guy ask you out. Yeah! We all want that which is why we love TV shows so much. It makes the impossible possible.   

Below are 10 reasons why every girl wishes her life was a romantic TV series.


1. Hunks Fighting Over You


Where on planet earth will you see two hottie hot men fight over an average looking girl? In a TV show! Where else? No matter how you look or what you do, if you are the central character of the story, you will have some drool-worthy men fighting tooth and nail for your love and affection.


2. The Perfect Kiss

It doesn’t matter if you kiss a man, an animal, an alien, a vampire or a beast. Your kiss will be well-timed and simply Purrrrfect!


3. Your Ubiquitous Man

No matter where you are, if you are in trouble your man will come to save you from any part of the world. He will even take re-births only be your knight in shining armour.


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4. His Arms Your Safety Net

You fall from a cliff or a building, you will always land in your mans’ arms. Somehow, his arms will always protect you from every harm.


5. No Gross Bodily Functions or Touch Ups


You do not have to worry about visiting the loo or eating or even sweating because female protagonists never visit the loo or eat or sweat. You will never need to touch up your makeup even after a fight because you are naturally flawless and picture perfect.


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6. Eyes Only On You

Dozens of beautiful women may surround him, but his eyes will look only for you. Even if you are standing at the end of a room, his eyes will dodge all the pretty faces and stop only at your face.


7. Mr Perfect

Your man will be multi-talented. He will sing, dance, play musical instruments all with ease. And this talented dude will want no one but you.


8. Richie Rich

Your man will be super rich but will always have time for you. One phone call (or even no call at all) and he will be standing right in front of you when you need him.


9. Just The Way You Are


He will love you unconditionally. Your dishevelled hair, dark circles, hairy legs, will not matter to him. He will love you like crazy with all your flaws.


10. Music To Your Ears


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Your man will mouth the most heart melting dialogues in the most dramatic, passionate way that will make you go weak in the knees. He will be your Pied Piper playing the sweetest music in your ears.  


Fancy, isn’t it? Would you like to live such an imaginary life? 


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