Simple And Easy Nail Art Design Tutorials For Short Finger Nails and Toe Nails

Have you ever seen Instagram or Pinterest images of nail art and wished to have long and beautiful nails? Have you ever tried to grow your nails long but have always failed at doing so? My answer is yes to both the question and if yours is a yes too then let me tell you that you need not worry as you can do nail art on short nails too. There are hundreds of nail art designs that meant for shorter nails. Let’s have a look at the nail art below and see which of them will suit our short nails the most.


First up is my favourite Nail Art YouTuber Kelli Marissa. I like Kelli because her nails are short like mine and her designs are cool and easy to create.

Take a look at her Snowflake nail art which is easy and quick to create.


Here is another simple and chic nail art by Kelli.


Another YouTuber I follow and admire is Sandi Crystal. Her YouTube page Cute Polish is full of innovative nail art designs. Do check out her page. For now, check out this easy peasy nail art design.


This cute Sneaker Nail Art tutorial is by Lady Cherry. Look at this design. Won’t it be fun to create something similar on your nails?


Kristee Beauty has not one but three nail art designs to offer. Have a look and see if any of the designs defines your style.


Hannah Weir shows some simple and easy designs for trendy nails.


Toe Nails

Yagala is my go to channel for toe nails. She has some awesome nail art videos but since my nails are not as long as hers, I can only re-create her toe nail designs.



YouTuber Mila also has a good collection of toe nail art designs. Check out her channel MyDesigns4You Nail Art for some simple and beautiful nail art designs.

Look at this compilation of her toe nail designs.


Iuli Hobbes toe nail art collection is fancy and should not be missed. Check out this easy uneven French manicure tutorial.




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