Snowdrop: Episode 20

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Written Update: Episode 20


Snowdrop Episode 20

At the shareholders meeting, Polina explains that people’s interest in Pan Cosmetics has declined following the death of Anatoly and Rita which has affected the company’s share prices. She says that the current CEO of Pan Cosmetics, Igor has been working under tremendous pressure and she wants to reduce his burden by appointing a new manager who is a specialist in his field and can help the company reach new heights. She introduces Oleg who rises from his seat with a grin on his face.

Oleg starts with his formal introduction and goes on to say that he is appalled with the company’s inability to handle crisis. He puts forth facts and figures of his successful implementation of crisis management strategies with his previous companies. He goes on to say that the company needs international expansion and a creative approach and that Igor lacks the experience to pull this off.

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Snowdrop Episode 20

Igor requests the directors to grant him some time to bring the company out of crisis but a company director criticises him saying that Rita’s murder scandal involving his fiancée has negatively impacted the company and their share prices have been dwindling since then.

After the meeting, Tamara assures Igor that she has full faith in him and that she will make the other directors vote in his favour. She then adds that she is happy to see him with Ira and that they make a good pair. Igor looks surprised at her statement and she cunningly says that he will not find a girl better than Ira and Igor nods in forced acceptance. (Yeh to blackmailing hua. Daadima toh bahut hooshiyaar hain.)


Snowdrop Episode 20

Result to the shareholders meeting is declared whereby 35% vote in favour of the proposal, 45% vote against it while the remaining 20% do not vote which makes it clear that Polina’s proposal has been rejected. Delighted with the results Igor promises to increase the company profit by 10% over the next three months or else he will hand in his resignation. Boris who has been witnessing the meeting from outside till now, leaves looking disappointed.

Boris in on his knees begging his boss Daniel to have him back. He tells him that Igor and Polina are busy outwitting each other and are not concerned about the fact that Rita’s murderer will be out of jail in three years. Boris tells him that he wants to destroy Pan cosmetics and needs Daniel’s support to exact his revenge on Rita’s family. Daniel however, flatly refuses to help him.


Snowdrop Episode 20

In the prison ward, Nadya tells her fellow prison mates that she complained about Xena to the head warden and told her how she bullies everyone in the ward. The other women tell her that Xena is a crazy female and that even the jailers are afraid of her and Nadya counters that she is not afraid of Xena a bit and that she will fight against her. The discussion is cut short as a warden informs Nadya about her visitor. (This woman…..isn’t she the one who helps Nadya escape prison in the first episode?)

Lucia and Olya are horrified to see Nadya’s bruised face and are worried for her. Nadya tells Lucia that Ira is behind all this and that they will have to help her prove her innocence as even her lawyer has withdrawn his support.


Snowdrop Episode 20

Nicolai visits the hospital to meet Lucia and is informed by the nurse that she was discharged in the morning. He is frantically searching his home for Lucia and Olya when they walk in through the main door. Lucia pretends to faint in Nicolai’s arms. He takes her to the bedroom and she requests him to allow Olya and her to stay in his house as they have no other place to go. Nicolai leaves the room assuring Lucia of talking this out with Tamara and Lucia instantly gets on her feet and throws the water Nicolai got her.

Tamara grouses over Nicolai’s decision of having Olya and Lucia live with them but Nicolai puts his foot down and refuses to budge. Tamara tells him that she will have no answer to give Igor when he comes to know about this and it’s bad now that Ira and Igor are seeing each other. Nicolai is rendered speechless hearing this news. In Nicolai’s absence, Lucia secretly notes down phone numbers from Nicolai’s private phone.


Snowdrop Episode 20

Nadya and her fellow ward mate bond over their hatred for Xena. Nadya tells her that she used to work for a cosmetic company and the lady tells her that she used to work for a car parking as a female guard. The ward mate then reminisces being a good driver but was fooled by a crooked man. She says she regrets trusting that man but Nadya shows no interest in knowing her story.

While cleaning the prison streets Nadya notices a snowdrop growing in the snow. She remembers Igor comparing her to a snowdrop that is strong and can survive in any condition. Nadya then repeats to herself that she is strong like a snowdrop.


Snowdrop Episode 20

Igor meets Maria and Svetlana and asks them to come up with an idea that will enable the company gain 10% profit in three months. Maria says that it is an impossible task but they can try by taking an old idea from their archives and presenting it as a new product but Igor says he wants something new that is out of the box.

Nicolai takes Ira to his room and asks her if she is serious about Igor. He tells her to stop kidding as Nadya is already suffering because of her and in this case it involves not just her but also Igor. He asks her if Polina is aware of her one-sided love for Igor and she answers in affirmative.

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Snowdrop Episode 20

Lucia telephones a man who tells her that the details of Nadya’s case indicate that she has been framed for murder and that he will file a petition to re-open the case. He tells her that if Nadya is proven innocent then she will be compensated for moral harm.

Ira searches Nadya’s room looking for her diary and finds it in one of her drawers. She finds pictures of Igor and Nadya together and almost tears them up before deciding against it. She then finds a formula to a cream and decides to give to Igor to impress him.


Snowdrop Episode 20

Nadya’s prison mate reads a letter from her nephew as Nadya is in tears. She asks Nadya if she is writing a letter to her boyfriend and Nadya gives an affirmative response. The woman expresses her amazement at the fact that Nadya pens letters regularly to her boyfriend who never bothers to reply to her. (It breaks my heart to see her so hopeful of reuniting with Igor.)

Polina fills Oleg in on Tamara and Igor’s relationship. She tells him that Ira has been doting on Igor since childhood and that Tamara is aware of Ira’s feelings. She says that had it not been for Tamara, Igor would have been out today. Oleg asks her if she really feels that he is capable of heading the company and she assures him that he is a genius and deserves that position. He then tells her that he needs to find another position to work with the company as he has a lot of plans for the company. (I am on team Oleg. I think he is a sincere guy and I really don’t mind him overthrowing Igor to get to the highest position in the hierarchy. Igor doesn’t look as passionate about the business as Oleg does.)


Snowdrop Episode 20

Next morning Ira sees Igor still up and working in his cabin and hands him the product formula she stole from Nadya’s diary. He has a look at it while she leaves to get him some coffee. She then receives Nadya’s letter for Igor which she dumps before Igor can see it.

Igor invites Maria, Svetlana and Ira to his cabin for a quick meeting. Maria is astounded by Ira’s brilliant formula and asks her how she came up with it. Ira lies that she did a research and compiled information from the internet to derive the formula.


Snowdrop Episode 20

Nadya’s ward mates are having a gala time when Xena returns to the ward with a sinister grin on her face and they all cautiously climb back to their bunkers.  


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