Snowdrop: Episode 21

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

Channel: Zee Zindagi

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Written Update: Episode 21

Snowdrop Episode 21

Xena tries to intimidate Nadya who shoves Xena’s hand when she tries to feed her. Just then, the jailer summons them for a meeting. At the meeting, the head warden informs the prisoners that they will all be going to Europe for some days. (Whoa! Really? In Ukraine prisoners are taken for foreign trips?) He also informs them of the new courses that will be introduced for their personal development and one of the courses includes hairstyling. He introduces them to Edward who will be their teacher for the hairstyling course and all the women gush over Edward’s good looks.

Oleg enters his new cabin with a name board indicating that he is the new ‘International Relations Head’. A pretty girl brings him his favourite coffee and asks him if he needs anything more. He instead asks her how she knows about his favourite coffee and she tells him that Polina told her about his likes and dislikes. She leaves telling that she is seated outside his cabin in case he needs anything and he looks surprised with his mother’s arrangement. Polina calls him and he tells her that her arrangement is good except for the secretary who is not his type as she is nothing more than a talking doll.


Snowdrop Episode 21

Oleg starts working when his secretary comes crying to his cabin saying that his mother fired her from the job. Seeing her sobbing he offers her a glass of water and tells her not to worry as he is her boss and he hasn’t fired her. He tells her her coffee is good and so is she which is why everything will be fine.


Snowdrop Episode 21

Polina invites Pavlik to her house and offers him a two-fold hike in his salary for snitching on the development department. She offers him an envelope full of cash but he is reluctant to take up the offer saying that he has no access to the confidential data and that he is new on the job. She then throws another envelope of money before him and he contemplates her offer.

Maria and Svetlana discuss the ingredients of the new cream with Igor who looks clueless about the whole thing. He tells them not to worry much about the price and only concentrate on making a good product.


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Snowdrop Episode 21

Kireev meets Ira at a cafe and she tries to keep distance from him. Uninvited, he sits at Ira’s table and she tells him that she will not be giving him any more money and tries to leave when he grabs her wrists and forces her to sit with him.

Pavlik looks through the files in Igor’s cabin and chances upon Nadya’s letter that Ira had dumped in the bin. He hides the entire content of the wastepaper bin under his shirt before sneaking out of the cabin.


Snowdrop Episode 21

In prison, Edward is teaching the technique to cut a fringe when Xena deliberately interrupts him to annoy him. A headline in the newspaper catches Nadya’s friend’s attention and she hands the paper to Nadya. The headline reads as ‘Only A Miracle Can Save Pan Cosmetics’ and Nadya asks her friend if she can make a phone call. She tells her she will have to be at her best behaviour and avoid any confrontation with Xena at all cost to be allowed to make a call.

Xena starts humming loudly and Edward tells her that this isn’t a singing class and she purposely starts arguing with him when Nadya asks him to ignore her. Xena orders Nadya to keep mum and then inconspicuously stabs a scissor in her lower back. Nadya flinches in pain but doesn’t raise an alarm.


Snowdrop Episode 21

Nadya is by herself in the prison premises when Xena tries to pick a fight by throwing snowballs at her. Seeing Nadya ignore her she then grabs the letter from Nadya’s hands and teases her with it till the jailer scolds her. Xena then warns Nadya to be careful of her.

Nadya: Why do you do this? Do you enjoy doing this?

Xena: Yes, you are right. I enjoy this a lot.

Nadya: I pity you.

Xena: You will die today. Right here, get it?


A journalist interviews Nicolai and asks him the qualities a judge should embody. He says a judge should have the ability to go into depths of a case to be able to deliver justice to which the journalists asks him that if that was the case then why didn’t he go in depths of Nadya’s case. Why did he grant her a mere 3 years prison sentence for a crime as grave as intentional homicide?


Snowdrop Episode 21

Igor gifts Ira a bouquet of flowers for her excellent product idea and her joy knows no bounds when he plants a peck on her cheek. She tells him that she can do anything to see him happy.

Pavlik informs Polina that he has obtained certain documents and she tells him to give it to the head of international relations but he is sceptical about it. She then tells him that the head is her son Oleg and he is aware of her setup with Pavlik.


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Snowdrop Episode 21

Tamara fumes over Nicolai’s interview that was less about him and more about Nadya. She complaints that Nicolai has never done anything great in life and that he should at least pay some attention to Ira and tells him that he has to have her married to Igor for her happiness.

Pavlik hands Oleg the documents and feels awkward about it as he remembers scolding Oleg when he was a new employee working in the development department. Oleg checks the contents and finds Nadya’s letter in it. He then hands the letter to Igor saying it must have fallen in the bin by mistake. He teases Ira for looking tensed and tells her to take care. Igor thinks hard over Nadya’s letter before tearing it up and throwing in the junk.


Snowdrop Episode 21

Polina remembers Boris telling her that he will take revenge for Rita’s murder. She thinks to herself that Boris can be useful to her and Galina knocks at the door informing Polina of Boris’s arrival. She offers Boris Rita’s room to live in but he refuses since he does not want to live under the same roof as Igor. She tells him that she has his back and he can turn to her for any help and then quickly asks him if he will be there for her? And he gives her a positive response.

Tamara visits Polina and proposes Ira and Igor’s marriage. Polina says she has no objection to the marriage but is unsure of Igor’s feelings for Ira as he was in love with Nadya. Tamara then asks her the reason why she wants to dismiss Igor from the CEO’s position and she tells her that Oleg is her son.


Snowdrop Episode 21

Xena warns the ward mates from interfering before grabbing Nadya and punching her across her face. She pins Nadya down and packs a few more punches across her face before smothering her with a pillow. Nadya’s friend is reminded of her advice to Nadya of keeping away from fights to be able to make a phone call so she keeps away from the fight and calls a guard for help.

Tamara returns home and in a flashback we see Polina ask her to support Oleg in case she wants Ira to be married to Igor. Tamara tells herself that Polina’s plans and her plans are poles apart. Olya and Lucia are looking for Nadya’s notebook when Ira walks in and Lucia notices her handbag.


Snowdrop Episode 21

Later Lucia checks Ira’s bag and finds Nadya’s book in there. When Ira enters her room she sees Lucia holding Nadya’s book and she screams at her to leave her room. Hearing the commotion, Nicolai and Tamara leave their dinner and rush to Ira’s room and Olya quickly seizes Ira’s phone. Ira tells Tamara that she has never seen the book before and that Lucia is falsely accusing her of robbing Nadya’s book. In the meantime, Olya notes the contact lists on Ira’s phone. 


Snowdrop Episode 21

The head warden rebukes Xena for her behaviour and orders her to clean the toilets as her punishment.

Nadya’s prison mate tells her that she is doing well and that she should continue putting up with Xena so that she does not have any disciplinary action taken against her. Nadya tells her that it doesn’t matter what Xena does to her as she will not give up.


Snowdrop Episode 21

Olya gives Lucia the list of numbers she stole from Ira’s phone and she is surprised to see investigator Kireev’s name on the list. Just then Tamara walks in and asks to meet Lucia privately in her room.

Tamara offers Lucia money to rent a house and live separately with Olya. Lucia tells her that she will leave but will also continue to fight for what is right.


Snowdrop Episode 21

Kireev pays a surprise visit to Ira’s office and insists on meeting Igor. She keeps him from meeting Igor and he threatens her to tell the truth to Igor. She then assures to comply with his demands and he tells her to meet him later in the evening.

Nadya receives Lucia’s letter in which she has listed the number she got from Ira’s phone which includes investigator Kireev’s number. Nadya is shaken to know that the judge, lawyer and even the police were helping Ira to frame Nadya for Rita’s murder. Nadya then vows to fight alone against all these people.    


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