Snowdrop: Episode 35

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Written Update: Episode 35

Snowdrop Episode 35

The orphanage director returns and curses mothers who give birth to children they cannot take care of. She praises Ira saying that thanks to people like her orphans get a new life. She asks Ira details of the child she wishes to adopt and Ira says that she is confused. Ira leaves assuring that woman of returning a few days later with her husband.

Nadya misses her son and sobs in her bed when Xena tells her that 200 people died in a storm in Argentina and many are injured which is such a bad thing and still Nadya is crying for her son who is in good hands at the orphanage. Nadya counters that no one can take better care of her son than her. Xena explains that Nadya only needs to mind her conduct so that she receives her parole and can be out of the prison to meet her son.


Snowdrop Episode 35

Lisa and her husband sign the adoption papers and officially adopt Nadya’s son as Ira waits outside the orphanage for them.

Katya brings Olya to the orphanage to meet Nadya’s son and asks her to wait at the gate as she brings some sweets for him. Olya sees Ira meet Lisa and her husband along with Yaroslav. Lisa and her husband thank Ira profusely for quickening the adoption process for them. Ira introduces herself to Yaroslav as aunt Ira and tells Lisa to check her bank account as she has already transferred the money.


Snowdrop Episode 35

2 years later

Yaroslav is now 5 years old and goes by the name Adrik. He is in a mall with his new family where he meets his aunt Ira who gifts him a huge teddy bear.

Lucia’s doctor informs Nicolai about her improving health and tells him that she can be taken home as a familiar environment will help her recover fast.

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Snowdrop Episode 35

Nicolai arranges for Lucia’s bed at home and Tamara asks him about it. He tells her that Lucia will be returning home and Tamara throws a fit over it. Nicolai tries to pacify her saying that Tamara would not be required to do anything for Lucia as he has arranged for a nurse to look after her but she doesn’t look appeased with his arrangement.

Nadya is knitting a sweater for Yaroslav when Veera informs her that her bail has been approved and that she can now leave the prison. Nadya feels ecstatic hearing the news as she will finally be able to meet her son and start a new life.


Snowdrop Episode 35

Katya tells her that Yaroslav has grown tall and looks very cute. (Katya has been meeting the child Ira swapped Yaroslav’s picture with. She had never met Yaroslav before so she has no idea that she has been meeting the wrong kid all this while.) Katya offers Nadya to stay with her in her house as she is excited to be living with her and Yaroslav in one house. Katya warns her of Ira who is now a popular celebrity. She tells her that she has to keep Yaroslav away from Ira as she is capable of doing anything. She then asks Nadya if she informed Ham about her return and Nadya shakes her head.

Oleg visits Boris’s new office and is happy for his progress in life. He praises his office interiors and congratulates him for it when he receives a text from Katya informing him of Nadya’s return the coming Monday. The news brings a smile on Oleg’s face which, doesn’t go unnoticed by Boris who correctly identifies the reason behind his smile despite Oleg’s feeble attempt at covering it up.


Snowdrop Episode 35

Oleg visits an apparel store to purchase an outfit for Nadya and is in a fix when the saleswoman asks him for the size he is looking for. He tells her that the size could be somewhat similar to hers and the saleswoman shows him a pretty coat which he approves instantly and asks her to get it packed. He then tells her to show more stuff such as a dress and shoes and she is happy to oblige him.

Veera hands over Nadya’s belongings to her along with some money. Nadya refuses to take money from Veera but her ward mate forcefully thrusts the envelope in her bag. Nadya thanks Veera for all the help and Veera says she was happy to help her. Xena tells Nadya to not repeat the mistakes she made and to avoid problems till the time she is on a parole. Veera walks in with a few bags and tells her that Ham has sent her some gifts. In his note, Ham writes that he is sending her the gifts to celebrate her return.


Snowdrop Episode 35

When Nadya steps out of the prison, a little boy gifts her a box and a bouquet of flowers. Nadya asks him about the person sent him to do so and he points out at a car waiting across the road. The moment Nadya looks at the car it drives off quickly before she can spot the driver. She then reads a note that – ‘Today you have been reborn. Always celebrate this day and lots of happiness is waiting for you. Always be happy. – Ham’

Polina asks for Oleg and Galina tells her that Oleg made and cake and had a bouquet of flowers in his hand when he left in a haste. Polina remembers that it is Rita and Igor’s birthday and asks Galina if he went to the office with the cake and Galina says he didn’t mention anything and adds that he looked very happy.

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Snowdrop Episode 35

Katya welcomes Nadya with lots of balloons and wishes her good luck on starting a new life where she can fly as high as the balloons. Nadya tells her about the gift and bouquet Ham sent her. Katya is surprised to know that Ham sent the bouquet through a little boy and has still not revealed himself to her. She tells Nadya that Ham is a very shy person and that he really loves her a lot. Katya then tells her to fetch Yaroslav but Nadya says she has a place to visit first.

Ira prepares cookies for Igor’s birthday and offers some to Polina who does not eat it. Polina taunts Ira for making something for the first time and Ira explains that she is often busy with shooting. Polina sneers that at least she remembered Igor and Rita’s birthday and Ira says that she always does remember it. Polina scornfully reminds Ira that she is responsible for her health and the house and that shooting the whole time will not help her in any way. She shouts at her for not keeping a tab on her husband and asks her if she knows where he is at the moment and Ira has no answer to that.


Snowdrop Episode 35

Ira calls Nicolai and asks if Kireev has been able to find Igor’s mother and Nicolai says there has been no breakthrough as yet. She tells Nicolai that Kireev has been looting him and that it is getting difficult for her to put up with Polina every day. Nicolai calls Kireev and asks him to meet in the evening and tells him to do so secretly to ensure that Ira has no inkling of their meeting.

Igor lights a candle by his father’s grave when he sees Nadya arrive with a flower in her hand. Nadya tells him that she has received bail for her good behaviour in prison. She places the flower on Rita’s grave and wishes Rita a happy birthday. She tells Igor that she will punish the person who killed Rita and that Igor will then regret his mistake. Igor screams that Nadya was his last mistake and Nadya wishes him a happy birthday before leaving the graveyard.


Snowdrop Episode 35

As Nadya leaves the graveyard, she recalls celebrating Igor’s birthday in college when she had made a cake for him. Katya asks Nadya about their next stop and she says they have to go get her son.

Igor sits at the graveyard recalling Nadya’s word when Ira interrupts his thoughts. (This show’s budget must be really low as they don’t update their actors’ wardrobe even when the show takes a 5-year-leap. The actors wear the same clothes and look exactly the same they did five years ago. How am I supposed to believe in the time jump when nothing convinces me of it?) She places her flowers by Rita’s grave and apologises for not coming there more often. She then tells Rita to pray to God to bless them with a child. Igor makes a face and leaves the graveyard as Ira runs after him.

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Snowdrop Episode 35

At the orphanage, Katya introduces Nadya to Yaroslav and she looks stunned to see someone else instead of her son. She does not accept the boy as Yaroslav and checks his hand for a scar. The boy doesn’t have a scar on his arm and she tells the orphanage director that he isn’t her son Yaroslav as he has a scar on his arm. She screams at the lady to check all her records and documents and on examining Yaroslavs’ papers they notice that the child’s picture has been re-pasted.

Nadya looks frantically through the orphanage and is unable to find Yaroslav. Katya calls the police and tells him about Nadya’s child who was brought to the orphanage from the prison and is now missing. The investigator asks for Yaroslav’s details and then asks for the records of kids who have been adopted in the last two years.


Snowdrop Episode 35

The boy assumed to be Yaroslav tells Nadya that he had been waiting for her and requests her to take him but she tells him that she cannot take him with her as she isn’t his mom. He asks for his real mom and she says she doesn’t know anything about it and runs out of the room in tears. (No! Poor kid, it was heartbreaking to see him plead Nadya to take him away with her.)

Katya informs the orphanage director that she cannot adopt the kid assumed to be Yaroslav but assures her that she will continue sending him gifts and will also take him away on weekends. She says she will help him financially and asks if she can do anything more for him. She says that she has been visiting him for the last two years and has grown attached to him. The lady empathizes with her but says that she cannot give her his custody as she is not his biological mother.


Snowdrop Episode 35

Katya informs Nadya that the orphanage director has permitted her to meet the child often. She screams at Nadya for leaving the kid so heartlessly and Nadya cries that she cannot help it as she cannot adopt him even if she wants to.

Nadya presses the doorbell to Nicolai’s house and Tamara is stunned to hear Nadya voice on the intercom. She runs to call Nicolai as Olya excitedly opens the door for Nadya and welcomes her into the house.

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