SSCPL Herbals Skin Lightening Face Wash Review: Slowly But Surely Lightens Skin Blemishes

When I buy a product with a ‘skin lightening’ tag on it, I buy it with the intention to lighten the blemishes on my skin and not to become ‘fair’. My skin tone is on the lighter side and I do not wish to lighten it any further or else I will be mistaken for a ghost. I have mentioned my acne issues in a lot of my review posts. My super-strong acne is difficult to get rid of and when it does it always leaves its patent blemish on my skin. Blemishes are difficult to treat and take a looooooooooong time to fade. Which is why I am always prompted to buy skin lightening products with the hope of having my blemishes disappear as soon as possible. I have been using the SSCPL Skin Lightening Face Wash for the past several months and here is my review. 

SSCPL Skin Lightening Face Wash Review

Name: SSCPL Herbals Skin Lightening Face Wash

Price: ₹150/- for 100 gms 


SSCPL Skin Lightening Face Wash Review

What does it claim?

Enriched with honey extracts, the Skin Lightening Face Wash removes skin impurities and helps to brighten and lighten the skin.

How to use?

Take a coin-sized amount of product onto fingers and gently massage over wet face and neck. Leave on for a minute and rinse with regular water.

Does it fulfil its claim?

The face wash comes in a white plastic tube with a green flip cap.

SSCPL Skin Lightening Face Wash ReviewThe product is a transparent gel with a tinge of peach colour.

Since the formula is soap-free it does not lather but glides smoothly over the skin and rinses off easily. I purchased this face wash last year and have been using it on and off for several weeks. Each time I used it I would notice that it made my skin squeaky clean and my skin looked a tone lighter. However, this lightness would last just a few minutes which is fine with me because it is a face wash and not a face pack to have long-lasting effects. The reason I used this face wash on and off is that when I used it in winters my skin felt dry and stretchy after every wash so I wanted to try it when the temperature got regular or ever higher. Now that the temperature is regular whenever I use this face wash I notice that it does not dry my skin as much as it did in the winter. It makes my skin squeaky clean and gets rid of excess oil. There is no drastic change in the appearance of my blemishes but it definitely has helped to lighten them to quite an extent.

What’s good about it?

Lightens skin tone

Reduces blemishes


Pleasant fragrance

Makes the skin squeaky clean

Clears excess sebum

Washes off dirt and grime


What’s not so good about it?

May not suit dry skin


I give SSCPL Herbals Skin Lightening Face Wash 3.5 out of 5 rating. Do pick this up when you need to lighten tanned skin and blemishes.


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