How To Wear Makeup During The Rainy Season

Wearing makeup during the monsoon can be tricky. A slight drizzle and your hard work is ruined in seconds. Waterproof makeup is an option but it does not suit everyone. So, then what do you do to look great without feeling threatened by the rains? Here are some makeup essentials you need to make you look flawless during the rains.


How To Wear Makeup During The Rainy Season

Canvas Of Primer

Irrespective of whether you are wearing liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer, a face primer must be used under both. A primer helps the foundation or moisturizer to last longer without melting off easily. 


Foundation Or No Foundation?

Waterproof foundations are used mostly during the rainy season. However, humid weather can make you sweat excessively, making your face look patchy. So, it is better to go light on the base by opting for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. It will keep your skin hydrated and will also last longer in the humid weather. Also, look for water-based moisturizers to avoid having a breakout.



Puff The Powder

The powder absorbs excess oil on the skin. It also sets the makeup and keeps it in place. So even if you are using heaving foundation, applying powder over it can keep you from looking greasy. But do not use it excessively as you’d do in the summer. A few dabs and you should be done.


Magic Mascara

A waterproof or tear-proof mascara is your best bet for the monsoons. It will lock your lashes in place and will not run down your face even during a heavy downpour.


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Pencil Or Liquid Liner?

You can opt for a pencil liner instead of the liquid liner. If you want to use a liquid liner then ensure that it is waterproof. If you are someone who just can’t do without kajal then you can use it on your lower waterline.


Lippy Sticks

Glossy, creamy, and liquid lipsticks are a big NO NO during the rains. Your saviour for the season is the matte lipstick. It will last longer and make your face look less oily. If matte lipsticks dry your lips then apply a lip balm ten minutes before applying your lipstick.


That’s it! These are all the makeup ‘must haves’ for your monsoon makeup routine. These makeup essentials will help you look fresh throughout the day even in dry and humid weather.  



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