Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Body Oil Review: Its Light And Adds Sheen To The Skin

I am a total winter baby and it is my favourite time of the year when the temperature drops and it gets cool and cosy. I also like this time of the year because my skin feels less oily and I can try creams, gels, and oils. Every year, I apply til (sesame) oil over my body before a bath every morning. Til oil is natural and light and effectively moisturises the skin because of which why I am seldom in need of a body cream. This time around, I purchased the Biotique Body Oil to see if it works as great as til oil. I have been using this oil for a week now and here is my experience with it.


Name: Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After Bath Body Oil

Price: ₹135/- for 120 ml


Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After Bath Body Oil Review

What does it claim?

It keeps the skin soft, supple and free from wrinkles. It makes the skin smooth, lustrous and younger looking.


How to use?

Massage onto damp skin after bath.

Does it fulfil its claim?

The oil comes in a translucent plastic bottle with a green screw cap.

Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After Bath Body Oil Review

The oil has a light yellow colour and a strong smell that lingers for as long as the oil remains on your skin. I purchased this oil early this year and used it during the summer. Even though the oil gets absorbed quickly, it is not a good idea to use it when the temperature is high as it tends to get greasy on the skin.

Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After Bath Body Oil Review

So, I waited for winter to be able to use it. It is not proper winter in Mumbai yet, but the temperature has dropped enough to make my skin dry. Since I have body acne, I do not use thick moisturisers during the winter but I do use light body oils that help to keep my skin soft. I first applied this oil immediately after a bath. I massaged it gently into my skin and waited for at least 5 minutes for it to get absorbed by my skin. If you are worried about the oil staining your clothes, then do not worry as after it is absorbed it won’t rub onto your clothes. The oil feels light on the skin and gives an evident sheen. Hours after applying the oil, when I rubbed my fingers a little hard over my skin, I could feel the oil transfer to my fingertips. My skin did not fully absorb the oil which is why it felt worse when I sweated as it turned sticky and greasy. So, I decided to avoid applying the oil during the day as it does not work well for me that way. I now apply it before going to bed and it works just fine. My skin feels smoother and the oil does not aggravate my body acne. I am content with the oil, but I do not see myself re-purchasing it as I do not like the smell which lasts till you do not wash off the oil.

What’s good about it?

Moisturises the skin

Gives the skin a natural sheen

Long-lasting effects

Travel-friendly packaging

Reasonably priced


What’s not so good about it?

Strong fragrance


I give Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After Bath Body Oil 3 out of 5 rating. The oil combats dry and flaky skin. It moisturises the skin and makes it luminous. Do try this one if you like using body oil.  


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