SSCPL Blemish Free Facial Kit Review: This Facial Lightens And Brightens The Skin Instantly

I am back with another facial kit from my favourite brand SSCPL. This time it is the Blemish Free Facial Kit. A recent breakout had left blemishes on my face and I was looking out for creams that could lighten the scars. If you have ever suffered from acne scars you will know how difficult it is to get rid of them. Some scars lighten easily while some stubborn scars just refuse to leave you alone. I bought this kit hoping to see some of my scars vanish from my face. Did it work? Read on to know.


SSCPL Blemish Free Facial Kit Review

Name: Blemish Free Facial Kit

Price: Rs.200/-

Products: Blemish Free Cleansing Milk – 25ml

      Blemish Free Face Scrub – 25g

Blemish Free Cream – 25g

Blemish Free Gel – 25g

Blemish Free Face Pack – 25g



SSCPL Blemish Free Facial Kit Ingredients



What does it claim?

As per the description on the back cover, the facial kit products tighten the skin and make it radiant, moisturised and soft. It lightens pigmentation and evens out skin tone. It reduces tan and absorbs excess oil.


How to use?

SSCPL Blemish Free Facial Kit Products


Step 1: Wash Face With Cleansing Milk

SSCPL Blemish Free Cleansing Milk

SSCPL’s cleansing milk smells heavenly. The blemish free cleansing milk smells like a cold cream whose name I am unable to recollect. It feels very cool and soothing on the face.


Step 2: Exfoliate With Scrub

SSCPL Blemish Free Facial Scrub

Unlike any scrub I have used before, the blemish free facial scrub is mild and very creamy. The granules are rounded and smooth. The scrub is as thick as a cream and is not harsh. I would certainly buy this scrub separately.


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Step 3: Massage With Cream

SSCPL Blemish Free Face Cream

The cream is thick and not as absorbent as I would want it to be. It took a while for the cream to get absorbed completely into the skin.


Step 4: Massage With Gel

SSCPL Blemish Free Face Gel

The light pink gel smells like a bunch of roses. The gel feels cool on the skin. However, a few seconds later I could feel a stinging sensation all over my face. I do not like when this happens as it worries me but thankfully it subsided after a few minutes. And my skin felt nice and clean after I washed it off.


Step 5: Apply Face Pack

SSCPL Blemish Free Face Pack

I am not a fan of clay-based face packs as they tend to dry my skin. The blemish free face pack did not really dry my skin but it did sting as soon as I applied it. I suppose it’s because my skin is sensitive. Also, the face pack smelled weird. The face pack has to be diluted with rose water before applying it to the face. I find this step too troublesome. The container holding the face pack is small and that makes it difficult to scoop the product with a spoon. I left the face pack on for about 15 minutes before washing it off. I could see that my skin looked clean and felt soft. Blemishes on my face did not vanish but the redness did reduce slightly.


Does it fulfill its claim?

The one thing I noticed about SSCPL’s facial kits is that they do provide instant radiance. Blemish Free facial instantly makes the skin look clean and radiant. My skin looked a tone lighter and I could see the shine on the high points of my face. The facial was evidently effective for me.


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What’s good about it?

Paraben free so it will not have any long-term ill effects.

Effects are instant.

Skin is visibly radiant and lighter.

Price is easy on the pocket.

One kit can be used several times.


What’s not so good about it?

The whole process is a little long as there are too many products to be applied and removed.

The face pack does not come with a spatula, which makes application a little inconvenient.

Facial kits are not yet available on Amazon and Flipkart.


I give SSCPL’s Blemish Free Facial Kit 4 out of 5 rating. It fulfills most of its claims, which is why I would buy this facial kit again.


You can visit their SSCPL’s website to know more about their products. Buy this facial kit from Shopclues or from Purplle.