The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Mask Review: A Decent Radiance Mask

I am a full-time blogger and seldom step out of my house. But when I do leave my house I always ensure that I look my best. And I am not talking about the times I go to fetch milk because when I am out running an errand I look like I have just gotten out of bed. I never bother to comb my hair and my home clothes compel people to pity my utterly impoverished condition. Yeah, at home, I wear rags. No, seriously! Anyway, when I’m out but not buying milk or bread, I ensure that I look my best. And by best I do not mean all decked up but radiant and glowing without having to use too much makeup to cover my acne and blemishes. For this, I usually use sheet masks meant for skin radiance. For my last outing, I used the skin brightening Peony Mask and here is my experience with it.

Peony Mask Review

Name: The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Mask

Price: ₹100/- for 1 Sheet Mask


Peony Mask Review

What does it claim?

The Peony mask is a radiance sheet mask that calms and soothes the skin while making it bright.


How to use?

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat it dry. Using a cotton ball gently rub a toner over your face that will help refine your skin texture. Remove the mask from its packet and place it on your face. Remove the mask (down to up direction) after 10-15 minutes and gently massage the solution left on the skin and leave it on till it dries on your face. DO NOT wash it off as your skin needs to absorb the serum. The serum may feel sticky at first but don’t worry it will dry after some time.

Does it fulfil its claim?

The Peony sheet mask comes in a black plastic pouch and is soaked in serum. Since the main ingredient of the mask is the peony flower it has a flowery scent. I first washed my face, applied my regular toner and let it dry. As always, I tore the eye hole to fit my eye before placing the mask on my face. I left the mask on for around 30 minutes before taking it off. I then massaged the leftover serum all over my face and neck. I left the serum on overnight and the next morning I noticed that for the first time the serum was completely absorbed by my skin. Till now, my skin would always feel greasy the morning after using a sheet mask but this time my skin hardly felt greasy. The mask moisturised my skin and made my skin illuminated. However, I have used The Face Shop’s other variants of radiance masks and compared to those masks the effect of this mask was below average.

What’s good about it?

Highly absorbent and light serum

Pleasant floral fragrance



What’s not so good about it?

Contains alcohol


I give The Face Shop Real Nature Peony Mask 2.5 out of 5 rating. This mask suits all skin types and its’ light, absorbent serum moisturises and brightens the skin.


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