Snowdrop: Episode 26

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Snowdrop Episode 26

Veera warns Xena of severe punishment next time she touches Nadya. She says Xena got lucky as no one agreed to become a witness to her scuffle or else Sensenich was determined to punish her this time. Xena questions Veera’s reason for favouring Nadya and she reveals that Nadya is pregnant. Xena’s face softens hearing the news and she tells Veera that she will not bother Nadya again.

Nadya finds it difficult to believe that she is pregnant. She asks the doctor if he has mistaken a tumour for a baby and he says that he is experienced enough to know the difference between a tumour and a baby. Nadya retorts that she did not feel anything of that sort and he explains that some women do not know about their pregnancy till they are into the fifth month. Veera asks the doctor about Nadya’s reports and he says that the baby and Nadya are fine and that she should be kept away from any physical fight as it could affect the baby. Xena asks Nadya if the man whose wedding she gate-crashed is the father of the baby and Nadya answer in affirmative.


Snowdrop Episode 26

Polina feels annoyed on seeing Ira set up the table for lunch. She tells her clearly that she needn’t act like a daughter-in-law. She then goes on to say that Nadya claims that Ira killed Rita and framed her for the murder. In her defence, Ira says that Nadya would do anything to get out of jail and that there are several proofs that point at Nadya’s involvement. Polina disses Ira saying that she is not really interested in her or in what Nadya has to say and asks her to go back to her house and rest.

Xena offers Nadya an apple but she refuses it take it. Xena tells her that she should eat it for her baby and Nadya scoffs at her idea of having a baby in a jail. Xena tearfully says that she too has a baby girl and she lost her custody to her husband in a bitter divorce. She says her daughter’s step-mother used to ill treat her daughter. She says that it infuriated her and one day she choked the woman to death. Xena says she has no idea where her daughter is today and that she regrets ruining her future. She tells Nadya that her current circumstances should not deter her from having a healthy baby.


Snowdrop Episode 26

Nadya receives Oleg’s letter where he mentions of supporting her in proving her innocence. However, he hasn’t clearly mentioned his name and she is unable to identify his signature.

Ira visits Nadya in prison and she tells her that though she ruined her marriage she is now married to Igor and they will soon be leaving for their honeymoon. Nadya says if things are hunky-dory then why is she here to which Ira replies that she’s here to tell her to stop writing letters to Polina. Nadya asks about her mother and Olya and Ira informs her that her mother is in the hospital and her sister is in a mental asylum. She adds that she should be grateful to her dad who is bearing all the expenses. Ira then tries to anger Nadya by telling her about her blissful marriage and Nadya retorts that Ira can spend a maximum of 10 years in a blissful marriage because after that Nadya will seek revenge from her. Frightened by her threat she walks off repeating that a jailed criminal can do nothing to her.

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Snowdrop Episode 26

Xena helps Nadya with the laundry work and keeps her for straining too much. Nadya thanks her for being so good to her and says that she feels she is in some resort. Xena asks her if she has thought about the baby’s gender and name. Nadya tells her that she feels she will have a boy and if she does she will name him ‘Yaroslav’ as it means someone who praises the sun.

Nadya writes back to her mystery writer ‘Ham’ and tells him his letter was more of a surprise for her but it still gave her a lot of hope.  


Snowdrop Episode 26

Oleg is having a discussion with the owner of French cosmetics when his secretary walks in with a tray of snacks that she places on the coffee table and letter that she places on his desk. Oleg is distracted by the letter and the lady asks him the reason why he seems so gloomy today. He replies that he isn’t gloomy but was just waiting for a letter. (Good he clarified that because the way he looked I thought he was checking out his secretary’s legs ;)) As soon as the lady leaves, he hurriedly opens the Nadya’s letter where she mentions that her own people betrayed her and in such a situation having someone trust her brings a lot of hope in her life. (Wow! Now he is her pan-pal. That’s so cute. But if the letter has been delivered to Pan Cosmetics can’t she guess who it could be?)

Directors of Pan Cosmetics crib that matters are getting worse and that they will have to reduce their budget and slash employees salaries to be able to survive and Igor is in full agreement to their suggestion.


Snowdrop Episode 26

Pavlik cunningly tries to extort money from Polina saying that the company is cutting employees’ salaries and that he does not have enough money to pay for his car loan. Polina tells him directly that she has nothing to do with his salary and that he has already received payment for his work. She hangs up after saying that next time he should wait for her to call him first.

In another attempt at sucking up to Polina, Ira tries to explain that she wants to be close to Igor because she wants to help him with her ideas and Polina rebuffs her saying that she need not pretend to be a chemist cosmetologist. She goes on to disdainfully add that Nadya was right about Ira being a dimwit and then asks her to go back to her granny. (Hahahaha…. How much I love Polina for doing this.)


Snowdrop Episode 26

As expected Tamara losses her temper on hearing about Polina’s behaviour with Irina. Ira refrains her from talking to Polina about this as it might infuriate Polina even further. Tamara advises Ira to call off the wedding as Polina might torture Ira even more after her marriage to Igor and Ira only sheds tears unable to decide anything.

Nicolai berates the foster care volunteers for their negligence as a young girl like Olya managed to flee under their supervision. He threatens to sue the organisation and the two caretakers before leaving in a huff. (OMG! Olya has been missing from the past two days and they didn’t even alert her family about it. Sheesh! These people should really be jailed for being so irresponsible. That shameless lady even offers to return his entire fee. A girl is missing and she offers money. You stupid woman, you should be punished severely for this.)

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Snowdrop Episode 26

Ira begs Tamara to help Igor as he is facing a lot of problem at work. Tamara tells her that she will help Igor only if he marries Ira in a traditional ceremony following all the rituals. She then calls Igor and asks him to meet her later in the evening.

Tamara then goes to meet Nicolai in his study and is surprised to see him drinking and asks him the reason for it. He tells her that Olya has run away from the foster home. She tells him not to fret too much as the police will surely find her and suggests that he can look for her in the old area that she lived in with her family and Nicolai gets an idea of where to look for her.


Snowdrop Episode 26

Tamara pointedly tells Igor that Ira too belongs to an affluent family but his despite that his mother Polina treats her badly. Igor says he will deal with Polina and Tamara scolds him for not being able to take decisions on his own. Irina intervenes saying that she is willing to put up with Polina for his sake. Igor then asks her to pack her stuff as he makes a call to his lawyer. (I’ll give this to Ira. She really adores Igor and will do anything for him. She even bears Polina’s insults for him. I wonder if that will change once she is married to him.)

Nicolai searches railway stations looking for Olya. He shows her picture to the same strange man Olya had met and he confirms to have met Olya who used to roam aimlessly at the station. Nicolai thanks him and offers him money for lending Olya his blanket.


Snowdrop Episode 26

Nadya is happy to receive another postcard from her secret ‘supporter’ who tells her that he wishes to eat with her some day but for now he sends her money so that she can treat herself and her friends to some good food.

Oleg is clicking pictures of food items when Igor walks in with Ira. He tells Polina that Ira will be staying with them from now on. Polina asks him the relation under which she will be staying with him and he retorts that the house belongs to his father and that he need not give her any explanation just like she never gave him any when she brought Oleg home. Polina asks Ira if she won’t feel awkward living in their house and she replies that there is no reason for her to feel so now that she has her marriage certificate with her. (Oh…so they got married. Good. I like Nadya better with Oleg.)

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Snowdrop Episode 26

Nadya lovingly stares at the postcard Oleg sent her and Xena asks her if Ham is a nickname. Nadya tells her that Ham is the short name for the American writer, Ernest Hemingway who is one of her favourite writers. 

Kireev notices Katya in the mall and wonders if she is stalking him. He confronts her for following him around and she denies knowing him. He then suggestively asks her is she wants to give him anything and tugs on her scarf and she abuses him before huffing off in anger. Kireev muses that he has to find out more about her.


Snowdrop Episode 26

Katya tells Nadya that she has been following Kireev for the past three days and he hasn’t met Ira even once. She tells her that they have perhaps become very cautious and contact each other only through telephone. Nadya inquires about her mother and Katya shows her a list of hospital numbers she intends to call to check if Nadya’s mother is admitted in any one of them. (Nadya why are you so freaking stupid? Don’t you know Dr. I. Somov’s Clinic where Rita and Igor’s father were admitted? Isn’t it likely for Nicolai to admit her in the same hospital? Why don’t you suggest Katya to check that hospital first? It will save Katya so much time. Damn you woman….you deserve to be behind bars.) Katya then asks Ira if Xena troubles her too much and she replies that she now takes care of her and smiles sheepishly. Katya guesses that she is pregnant and sighs at the confirmation of it.


Snowdrop Episode 26

Olya roams the streets searching for her mother and Nadya. She approaches a woman who resembles Lucia but feels dejected when she finds out that she isn’t Lucia. She then approaches a curly hair woman who brushes her off saying that she isn’t Nadya. A police officer notices her and asks her if she is looking for anyone and she says she is looking for her mother and Nadya.

The policeman takes her to the police station and notes her mother’s phone number to contact her.


Snowdrop Episode 26

Oleg asks Ira if the new product’s idea was hers and tells her that Nadya too had worked on the same idea. She tells him that anyone can get an idea anytime, and that she was also a chemistry student, and that she developed the idea herself.

Polina walks in and asks if Igor would be joining them for breakfast or no but Ira has no answer to her question. Just then, she receives a call from Kireev.

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