The Face Shop Mung Bean Mask Review: Shrinks Enlarged Pores And Makes The Skin Radiant

Mung Bean is commonly known as moong in Hindi. While I knew it was rich in protein I had no clue of the skin benefits it offered. Mung bean contains copper that helps to make the skin naturally radiant. The copper present in it also fights wrinkles, age spots and other signs of ageing. The Face Shop Mung Bean mask claims to purify the skin and shrink pores. My skin pores are as huge as craters on the moon. And I was told by my dermatologist that not much can be done about the pores. So, when I read that this mask helps to reduce the size of pores, I was drawn to it like ants to sugar. After using it, here is what I experienced.

Mung Bean Mask Review

Name: The Face Shop Real Nature Mung Bean Mask

Price: ₹100/- for 1 sheet mask


Mung Bean Mask Review

What does it claim?

The Mung Bean mask purifies the skin and helps tighten pores.


How to use?

Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat it dry. Using a cotton ball gently rub a toner over your face that will help refine your skin texture. Remove the mask from its packet and place it on your face. Remove the mask (down to up direction) after 10-15 minutes and gently massage the solution left on the skin and leave it on till it dries on your face. DO NOT wash it off as your skin needs to absorb the serum. The serum may feel sticky at first but don’t worry it will dry after some time.

Does it fulfil its claim?

The green plastic pouch holds a white cotton mask that is soaked in serum. I first washed my face, applied my regular toner and let it dry. Then the tore the eye hole of the mask and placed it on my face for around 30 minutes. The mask smells like a perfume. The fragrance is mild but lasting. Also, for as long as the mask was on my face, my skin tingled under it. This has never really happened before. I have never experienced any kind of tingling sensation while using a sheet mask. Since my skin is sensitive, I was a little worried about suffering from a reaction. But thankfully my skin did not suffer any kind of a reaction. After taking off the mask, I left the serum on to dry overnight. The next morning, I noticed that my pores looked less prominent on my face as their size had reduced quite a bit. Obviously, it did not vanish completely but it looked air-brushed and my skin looked radiant.


What’s good about it?


Shrinks pores

Brightens the skin

What’s not so good about it?

Contains alcohol


I give The Face Shop Real Nature Mung Bean Mask 3 out of 5 rating. Not a regular use mask but a good option for special occasions. Do give it a try when you want your skin to look smooth and even.


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