Puresense Sea Salt Soap Review: A Pricey But Average Soap

I was shopping at Shoppers Stop when I noticed the Puresense booth within the store. I decided to check out the brand and the saleswoman explained that Puresense offers products that do not contain harmful chemicals like sulphate and paraben. She told me that their products are infused with antioxidants that protect the skin and hair from harmful effects of pollutants. I decided to buy the Puresense Body Mist and with that, she gave me the Sea Salt soap free. I used this soap for more than a month and finally managed to finish it. Here is my experience with it.


Puresense Sea Salt Soap Review

Name: Puresense Sea Salt Soap

Price: ₹295/- for 1 bar of soap weighing 100 gm


Puresense Sea Salt Soap Review


What does it claim?

The Pursesense Sea Salt soap contains Balinese sea salt that is known for its moisturising properties. The soap is free of synthetic additives and maintains the water balance of the skin. Its aroma lasts all day to keep you fresh and rejuvenated.


How to use?

Gently massage the soap all over the body and rinse with lukewarm or regular water.


Does it fulfil its claim?

This almond shape soap comes in a round cardboard box. Its basic shape makes it easy to grip. It does not have a strong fragrance and is mild on the skin. Though it is creamy in texture, it did not aggravate my body acne. It lathers less as compared to other soaps. The soap did not make my skin extremely smooth or soft. It did not show any exceptional results and worked like a regular soap without any extra benefits.


What’s good about it?      

Free of synthetic additives


Cruelty free

Mild cleanser


What’s not so good about it?


Lacks fragrance


I give Puresense Sea Salt soap 2 out of 5 rating. For me, the soap is overpriced for the kind of benefits it offers. If you are looking for a mild soap that is free of harmful chemicals then do try this one. But if you are on a budget like me, then stay away from this expensive indulgence for a while.  


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