7 Second Leads That Deserved The Drama Heroine More Than The Main Hero

Some dramas are written to depict a love story while some dramas are written only to glorify the noble second lead. At least that is what I feel after watching innumerable dramas where I end up crying for my second lead who loses the girl for no fault of his own. Why? Why does a K-drama heroine always prefer the one who is least nice to her? I don’t think I can ever understand the reason behind a K-drama heroine’s ultimate choice. However, I do know that some second leads deserved the heroine more than the main hero. Here is my list of second leads who deserve the female lead more than the hero.


1. Ji Hoo in Boys Before Flowers

7 Second Leads That Deserved The Drama Heroine More Than The Main Hero
Image Courtesy: Soompi.com

My first second lead crush. If Ji Hoo was real, I would have married him without batting an eyelid. Ji Hoo is devastatingly gorgeous, filthy rich, polite, well-mannered, kind and madly in love with Jan Di. Jun Pyo was also rich, good-looking and in love with Jan Di but he was arrogant, stupid and had ‘mommy issues’. Ji Hoo never ditched Jan Di whereas Jun Pyo often turned his back on her. Ji Hoo is perfect not just for Jan Di but any other girl. He is such a sweetheart. Too bad he does not end up with the girl he likes the most. Before Jun Pyo supporters get riled up let me tell you that I like Jun Pyo too but I feel Jan Di’s soulmate Ji Hoo better suited her.


2. Kang Hyun Min in Cinderella and The Four Knights

7 Second Leads That Deserved The Drama Heroine More Than The Main Hero
Image Courtesy: tvN

Ah! How I miss this adorable drama. It’s been a year since Cinderella and The Four Knights concluded and I still miss waking up early on weekends just to catch the subbed version as soon as I could. Anyone who has watched this drama will know how misleading the show is initially. Especially after Kang Hyun Min and Eun Ha Won share a (imaginary) kiss in the fourth episode itself. Much before the actual lead could even hold her hand. They looked so good together that I would often check the drama poster to confirm who exactly is the main lead of the show. Hyun Min is funny, mischievous, and hot. He troubles Ha Won like little boys do when they secretly like a girl. The first six episodes prove how damn good Ha Won and Hyun Min are together. However, post episode six, Hyun Min goes off the radar and disappears from the show. He returns only in the latter half where he is on another tangent than Ha Won and with another heroine for himself. Why? When you do not plan to let the second lead have the girl then why do you have to make him so damn appealing? I personally feel the show writers should have cashed on Hyun Min and Ha Won’s sizzling chemistry and allowed her to pick Hyun Min over the grumpy Ji Woon. Look at how she tackles the menacing Hyun Min here.

Don’t they look great together?


3. Jung Won in Jealousy Incarnate

7 Second Leads That Deserved The Drama Heroine More Than The Main Hero
Image Courtesy: Seoul Broadcasting System

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I cried for this guy. Jung Won did everything to please Pyo Na Ri. He picked her up at ungodly hours only to drop her safely at work. He fought with his mother to accept Pyo Na Ri. Even agreed to live in with her along with the guy she is in love with only to help her make the right choice. But despite everything, she goes for the rude, impertinent, selfish and boastful Hwa Shin. Jung Won even begged Pyo Na Ri to be with him but that heartless woman stomps over his heart to reach her beloved. Ugh!! I hate Pyo Na Ri the most.

This scene broke my heart into a million pieces.

Second Lead Feature Image

4. Lee Yul in Princess Hours

7 Second Leads That Deserved The Drama Heroine More Than The Main Hero
Image Courtesy: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

I’ll admit that this guy Lee Yul is a little creepy but he is still better than Prince Lee Shin. He was the support Chae Kyung needed in the completely new environment that she was suddenly thrown into. He was the friend she needed to talk to when she is low. He was willing to give up his mother’s dream of seeing him on the king’s throne only for Chae Kyung’s sake. Yes, it was a little wrong as Chae Kyung was actually his sister-in-law but he very well knew that there is no love between Chae Kyung and Lee Shin. And Lee Shin too seems to be unable to get over his ex-girlfriend Hyo Rin. Also, had Lee Yul’s father not died he would have been married to Chae Kyung instead of Lee Shin. So, Chae Kyung is rightfully his bride but due to circumstances, she becomes his sister-in-law. Lee Yul does everything to convince Chae Kyung to leave Lee Shin and accept him but that girl is loyal to her haughty husband and eventually settles with Lee Shin.


5. Kang Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful

7 Second Leads That Deserved The Drama Heroine More Than The Main Hero
Image Courtesy: Seoul Broadcasting System

Kang Shin Woo is the most boring and dormant second lead I have ever seen. He was the first to learn the fact that Go Mi Nam is actually a girl. If he liked her so much he could have made it known from the start. But he chooses to lie low and be a silent guardian angel to her when he could have been her knight in shining armour. Despite his lethargic pace, I still feel Mi Nam (Mi Nyeo) would be very happy with him as he really loved her a lot. It was his tough luck that he had Tae Kyung for competition.


6. Choi Young Do in The Heirs

7 Second Leads That Deserved The Drama Heroine More Than The Main Hero

It is funny that I watched The Heirs because I was curious to know about Hallyu star Lee Min Ho but I ended up noticing how cool and attractive Kim Woo Bin or Choi Young Do was. Young Do is a bully who harasses weak students but his character undergoes some serious development in the show. Cha Eun Sang openly dislikes him and he gradually changes for her. Young Do craves for love and he feels besotted by the docile and meek Eun Sang. Though Kim Tan is also a good match for her, I think Eun Sang was the catalyst Young Do needed in life to become a better person. How I wish she could see that and would pick him over Kim Tan.


7. Min Hyuk in Full House

7 Second Leads That Deserved The Drama Heroine More Than The Main Hero
Image Courtesy: Dramafever.com

Ji Eun is in trouble and Young Jae helps her which proves that he is a decent guy. But he irritates her, teases her, uses her for his benefit and occasionally insults her. Whereas, Min Hyuk likes her from the time he first sees her, helps her develop her writing skills, gives her a job and boosts her confidence. Now tell me which sane girl would not pick Min Hyuk over Young Jae? Both the guys are starkly opposite in nature. Min Hyuk is sweet, kind and caring while Young Jae is careless, brash and full of himself. When the right option is glaringly clear why would anyone choose the latter? I don’t understand drama heroines at all.


Ah! My love for second leads refuses to die. I feel it’s high time second leads get their due. I wonder if there will ever come a drama where the much deserving second lead whisks the girl away from the main lead from under his nose.


Feature Image Courtesy: Seoul Broadcasting System


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