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Snowdrop Episode 43Nadya meets Lucia and updates her about the latest developments in her life and assures her to work hard to be able to take her away from Nicolai’s house. Olya brings some snacks and juice for Nadya. Nadya asks her if she knows anything about Lucia’s suicide note but Olya has no clue of it except that it was first found by Nicolai. Nadya then asks her for Lucia’s personal diary and tells her that they can use the diary to check the handwriting on the note so as to confirm if she really wrote the note or no.


Snowdrop Episode 43Katya meets Andrei in the orphanage where he tells her that he had been waiting for her and she apologises for making him wait and says that she was busy looking for a job. He then shows her a drawing he made for her and she tells him that she will definitely take him from the orphanage soon and they can then have lots of fun together.

Ira feels unwell while working so she gives some instructions to her assistant and leaves immediately to see a doctor.

Ira meets Tamara and tells her that she was suffering from a stomach ache and her doctor told her that she is having some complications which could lead to miscarriage. Tamara fumes over her irresponsibility. She calls Igor and reprimands him for not being aware of Ira’s poor health. She then orders him to pick up Ira from home in the evening and never let her travel alone anywhere again. She then advises Ira to pamper herself so Ira demands to have some strawberries and Tamara calls Olya to get the strawberries she had ordered from the market. However, Olya tells her that she finished them all in the morning as they were very tasty. Next, we see Nadya having strawberries and praising Olya for becoming so smart and matured.


Snowdrop Episode 43The detective looking for Yaroslav calls Nadya and informs her that he has found the family who most likely have adopted Yaroslav. Nadya feels nervous as she hopes that this time around he finds her son. However, the moment the detective proceeds to meet the family a lady stops him and tells him that the family he is looking for, left that morning itself.

At the presentation, Nadya’s manager openly praises Nadya’s suggestions and tells the team that Nadya’s idea has been liked by the upper management and could likely be implemented. Everyone except Nadya’s bully, Larissa and another woman look happy about the development in their company.

Nadya receives a call from the investigator who tells her that the family suspected of adopting Yaroslav relocated that morning itself. Disheartened, Nadya tells him to carry on with the search as she will provide him for the expenses.

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Snowdrop Episode 43Oleg visits Boris’s office where he secretly observes Nadya working at her workstation. Larissa is surprised to find Oleg in her office and hides as soon as she sees him. Just then, Borris sees Oleg and Oleg tells him that he is there to meet him and they both go to Boris’s cabin to chat privately. Larissa comes out of hiding and muses that Oleg was secretly staring at Nadya.

Boris asks Oleg if he intends to settle down in life as he has never really seen him after a woman before. However, Oleg evades his question. Boris then thanks him for the ‘new employee’ who is extremely efficient and hardworking. He then admits that Nadya is indeed very different from other girls and Oleg says he is happy to see that Boris’s is finally moving on as he no longer thinks of Nadya as an enemy. Oleg then adds that he shouldn’t however, eye Nadya as there is no scope for an office romance and Boris teases him saying that he can’t really be sure of having no chances. Oleg looks upset and Boris clarifies that he hasn’t eyed a single woman in a long time and there is no chance he will look at Nadya like that. He then asks why Oleg looked uncomfortable with the mere prospect and Oleg starts to dodge the question when Boris’s phone buzzes and the topic is automatically discarded.


Snowdrop Episode 43Igor visits Ira’s home where Nicolai gives him a pep talk on how he should take care of Ira and Igor nods his head in acceptance saying that he will ensure that Ira doesn’t work too much in their office. As Igor gets closer to Tamara’s room he overhears Ira and Tamara discuss Polina’s cunning move of using Ira’s secret to make Tamara vote against Igor at the general meeting. Igor is enraged to know about their conspiracy against him and he barges into Tamara’s room confronting her about it. Ira, however, pleads innocence and Igor shuts her up reminding her of the crimes she did which had other people suffer. Tamara intervenes asking Igor to only focus on Ira and their baby and how he can regain his position as CEO with Pan cosmetics.


Snowdrop Episode 43Tamara calls Polina to warn her about the imminent confrontation as Igor now knows of how she made her vote against Igor in the company meeting and Polina looks annoyed by the revelation.

We see Oleg arrive outside Nadya’s house with a big board in his hand which he pins to a tree and leaves looking satisfied with his work.

Igor confronts Polina about the voting scam and she admits to having played foul only for the sake of her son. She then states that even Igor knows that Oleg is the best CEO they have had till now and Igor scoffs that Oleg has that position only because of Polina. Just then, Oleg walks in but Polina and Igor are unaware of his arrival as he secretly hears Polina and Igor’s argument. Polina tells Igor that Oleg will never know of certain things and that she will also refrain Igor from ever revealing it to him. Looking amused by the fight, Oleg finally walks in and asks what Polina has been up to.


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Snowdrop Episode 43Polina and Oleg then get in Oleg’s room where she justifies her actions saying that she did whatever she did only for his happiness. Oleg screams at her for ruining Nadya’s only chance of freeing herself from the prison by giving away the only piece of evidence in her favour. Polina yells that it was important for him to become CEO at that time and he counters that those things make no difference to him. But she reminds him of how Igor’s family had ruined his childhood and he thoughtfully states that he feels all that happened wasn’t really bad for him.

Oleg is in a bar drinking his pain away when Igor confronts him about his relationship with Nadya as he assumes that Oleg is helping Nadya only to compensate for losing the CD. Oleg tells him to keep out of his business as he was the one who betrayed Nadya and Igor retorts that Oleg is no different and that he too is fooling Nadya. However, Oleg begs to differ as he justifies that he had no idea of what Polina was doing behind his back. Igor then stands to leave admitting to not being there for Nadya and adds that Oleg too would never be able to be with her.


Snowdrop Episode 43Larissa excitedly calls Ira to tell her about the woman Oleg is after and Ira disses her saying that she knows he is after Nadya. Ira then goes to Polina’s room and tells her that Oleg is madly in love with Nadya because of which he doesn’t meet any other girl.

Meanwhile, Nadya returns home to see a huge star hanging by a tree near her house. She knows it is Oleg who placed it there for her and she is grateful to him for doing something like this for her.

Next morning, Nadya is by her window happily looking at the star when Katya tells her to not be angry with her as she has something to confess. Katya then tells her about the nightclub fiasco and begs Nadya to not be angry with her. Nadya says that she isn’t angry but thankful that she took such a risk for her sake. Katya regrets that they now have no evidence against Kireev and Nadya consoles her saying that they will certainly find another way.


Snowdrop Episode 43Ira is on her way put when Polina calls her to have a chat. Polina tells Ira that right from before she had a doubt that Oleg is after Nadya which is why she hired a detective to keep an on him. However, it startled her to know that Nadya meets Igor more than she meets Oleg. She then hands Ira some photographs as evidence which shocks her. Polina tauntingly tells her that despite being with Igor for the last five years she knows nothing about him especially the fact that he has loved only one woman and it’s sad that she isn’t that woman.

Nadya refuses to meet Ira who in Borilink’s lobby waiting for her but then she agrees to meet her after Ira threatens to create a scene at her workplace.

At the police station, a criminal manages to free himself from Kolik’s clutches and tries to flee when Katya packs a punch to stop him. Kolik looks mighty impressed with Katya who then leaves to talk to an inspector.


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Snowdrop Episode 43When Nadya emerges from her workstation, Ira throws the photographs on Nadya’s face demanding an explanation for it. Unfazed, Nadya smirks at Ira which enrages her further and she refuses to leave without having a proper explanation to the pictures. Nadya tells her that Igor met her because of Ira but Ira looks unconvinced by her answer. Nadya then calls the security to get rid of Ira for getting in the company without any permission. Ira screams of getting even with Nadya as the security personnel drags her out of the company.

Kolik looks totally smitten by Katya as he thanks her for helping him out with the criminal. He asks what brings her to the police station and she jokes that she was here to leave an autograph for someone. He joins in the joke asking if she is a dangerous criminal and was here to sign her parole attendance and she quips that she isn’t dangerous but just, she stops mid sentence and leaves as Kolik looks slightly embarrassed.  


Snowdrop Episode 43Ira questions Igor’s intentions for meeting Nadya behind her back and he exasperatedly states that he had warned her that he loves Nadya but that didn’t deter her from marrying him. He then asks her if she met Nadya and she says she met her only to apologise. Igor doesn’t buy her story and remarks that apology doesn’t change anything. She asks him to not change the topic and he retorts this mess is all her fault and that they are suffering the consequence of her ill deeds.

Boris throws a party for Nadya’s team at a restaurant and they start their party by playing a game of ‘truth and dare’ (What? Since when did truth and dare become a corporate game?). The game begins and Larissa asks Nadya the reason why she went to prison. Boris, who is now a few drinks down, urges her to answer Larissa’s question but Nadya leaves the table in a fit of rage serving the punishment of leaving the table for 10 minutes for not being able to answer a question and Katya follows her.


Snowdrop Episode 43Boris meets Nadya outside the restaurant and tells her that he has been living like a dead person for the last five years whereas she has returned to normal life which is unbearable for him. She surmises that he gave her the job so he could humiliate her and he yells that he has only been dreaming of ruining her life the way she ruined his. Nadya repeats that she didn’t murder Rita and pinning her to a wall, Boris tells her that he will never forgive her.  

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