SSCPL Skin Purifying Face Wash Review: Makes The Skin Clean And Clear

SSCPL’s new range of face washes come in different colours and fragrances. I love colours (Yeah I really do. Check my Bookstagram account, you will know.) and I feel fascinated like a little kid while using these facewashes. Of all the variants I have used till now, the Skin Purifying face wash has the best fragrance. It is a perfect blend of musk and flower which tantalises my senses. I bought this face wash because I liked its packaging and also because I wanted to try as many variants as I could. If you’ve read my last face wash review, you will know that I have bad skin and suffer from acne. As if my existing skin condition was not enough, I add to my woes by mercilessly picking on my pimples. And my pimples are no less as they seek revenge by multiplying like hair lice. So you know, I am the perfect lab rat for trying out a skin purifying face wash. I have been using this face wash for the last two weeks and here is my experience with it. 

SSCPL Purifying Face Wash ReviewName: SSCPL Skin Purifying Face Wash

Price: ₹125/- for 100 gm


SSCPL Purifying Face Wash Review

What does it claim?

This face wash contains honey that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Neem extracts control excess oil and treat blackheads. Aloe Vera helps to reduce tan while cucumber fights against blemishes.

How to use?

Squeeze out the required amount of gel onto your fingers and gently massage all over your face. Rinse with regular water and pat dry with a towel.

Does it fulfil its claim?

This aqua blue face wash comes in a white tube with a glossy blue sticker and a green flip cap.

SSCPL Purifying Face Wash Review

It is gel based and has a perfume-like pleasant fragrance. The texture of the face wash is similar to that of a jelly which is why it does not spread smoothly over the skin. It even rolls in a clump over the skin. But once it spreads over the face, it is easy to massage.

SSCPL Purifying Face Wash Review

Since it is soap free, it hardly forms any lather. I have been using this twice a day for the last two weeks and am content with the result. My skin feels refreshed as it does not dry my skin at all. It is not harsh and my skin feels a lot smoother after every wash. I have had a breakout recently and this face wash has helped with the blemishes and blackheads. My face blemishes have not disappeared completely but they appear a little lighter after every wash. Regular use might show more prominent results. The facewash also helps to curb blackheads by cleaning the skin of excess sebum and dirt.  I am going to give this face wash extra points only for it amazing fragrance. If you are not acquainted with SSCPL products, then let me tell you that their products are free of harmful chemicals and smell FANTASTIC!     

Let me add here that this face wash does not cure acne. No face wash does. So do not try to treat acne with just a face wash. You have to seek a dermatologist’s guidance to treat acne. Face washes only aid the treatment and help to improve your skin.

I give SSCPL Purifying Face Wash 4.5 out of 5 rating. An extra .5 for its amazing fragrance. This face wash has helped keep my skin clean and blackheads at bay. Do try it as it does give a slight glow to the skin after every wash.


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